You like to run?

Yea, I do. Actually, I love it and I am currently training for my first marathon (oh yea!). But it wasn’t always like that.
Long story short I am running thanks to a veterinarian I work with ( I am an RVT. It’s like an RN, but I work with animals and my job is more fun). She ran the California International Marathon last year. My friends and I went to support her and watch the run. That’s when I fell in love. It was so inspiring to watch all the runners and the spectators supporting them. I decided I wanted to be a part of it. That same month I started training for my first half marathon. And in March 2012 I ran 13.1 miles in 2:22:35 without stoping once – which I love to tell people 😉
So this blog is to share my stories and what I have learned and will learn along my journey of training for the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life. Although I think of it more as fun, I am well aware it will be a challenge.

My little story for today:

I was getting my hair done (The Colour Bar Salon in Sacramento, they are awesome!!!) I was lookin’ good – yea right – in my gym clothes. My stylist asked if I worked out a lot and I told her I’m training for a marathon. She asked if I had any tips for someone new to running. I’ve been asked this before, which I find funny cause I’ve only been running for 10 months and taking it seriously for only 6 months. However, what my piece of advice would be: TAKE IT SLOW! People wanna run too far and too fast. You will get burnt out that way and hate running. I started running a mile at a time and worked my way up. I was so proud of myself after running my first mile ever without stoping! Now a mile is nothing to me. Well, most of the time. There are hard days and then there are harder days. The other stylist at the salon said she had heard when you run your life gets better, you’re more confident and work hard in other aspects of your life. SO TRUE. I have noticed a difference in myself since I began running. It has made me a more confident, happy and goal oriented person. It has also made me eat a lot more! I’m always hungry…so it gives me an excuse to pig out. I eat healthy for the most part, don’t worry. But I eat a lot. I can go on and on about how much I love food but that’s another topic.
Thanks for reading my first blog!! I’ll keep you all updated on my training!


My first half marathon. March 11, 2012.


My 6 month marathon training schedule!!


3 thoughts on “You like to run?

    • Thank you 🙂 Number one, as you already know, take it slow! Another important thing I’ve learned it to workout your legs & stretch properly after a run. I injured my knee pretty badly by not stretching. I do bootcamp once a week (I’d love to do more but can’t with my work schedule) you need to have a strong body to become a better runner. Finally, don’t compare yourself to other runners. I can get pretty down on myself by doing that and it doesn’t help anything. Oh, and have fun!!!

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