The best part of running in a race

What is the best part about running in races?? Ummmm…the shirts! Duh!! I love to show off my shirts when I go to the gym. I wear them and think “Yea, I’m a runner!” It’s fun too, when you see other people wearing a shirt from the same race. Also, you get to eat a ton of food (well, I do) after a race.

All my race shirts so far.

Another favorite part…I get to put these on my car! And soon I’ll have that 26.2 sticker to show off!!


Alright, on a serious note, I love the feeling – those butterflies in your stomach – right before the start of a race. I love the feeling of accomplishment you have crossing the finish line – whether it’s a 5k or half marathon. I love running races with friends & meeting new people. I love the spectators who are there to cheer you on. I love getting to be outside running beautiful courses.

My first race (running) ever! If you’ve never done a mud run, you need to!


Women’s Fitness Festival with some ladies from work.


I am lucky to be able to run. I try to remember that every time I’m having a crappy run. My first ever race was the bike ride in Tahoe called “America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride”. It is 75 miles around all of Lake Tahoe. I did it for the first time last year & plan on doing it again. I only finished 43 miles cause my knees had had enough! But jeez…43 miles biking around Lake Tahoe!!! It was amazing. I really pushed myself to do that ride & I push myself in all my training. I don’t want to be a lazy couch potato cause you never know how long you’ll be able to run, bike, swim…whatever it is you do.



I’m talking about this because on December 24th 2004 my uncle was hit by a car and was a quadriplegic for almost 7 years. And he would always say something that stuck with me & made me realize I owe it to myself to push my limits and achieve all that I can. He always said: “I’ll be alright.” If he can get past what happened to him and have that positive thinking, how could I not push myself to be my best?

I got this tattoo for him. It was around the time when I really started to take my health and running seriously.


So really, I think the best part of running a race is that I can.


5 thoughts on “The best part of running in a race

  1. Hello! I found your blog via Truth and Cake. I’m a fellow runner and really enjoyed this post. I know I sometimes forget how lucky I am to be able to run. Would love to try that Tahoe ride some day. Thanks for sharing : )

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