My next half marathon!

I have signed up for my next half marathon!!!!!! I am so crazy excited!! (can you tell by all the exclamation marks??) This will be my second half marathon. I am only sad that it is the San Francisco Giants, and not the Oakland A’s 😦 But how could I pass up the opportunity to run at AT&T Park and in San Francisco? I LOVE my A’s, but even I have to admit this is gonna be a cool race! Check it out, there are still spots available for the half marathon

This is the shirt I plan on wearing to the run…hehehe. Dia De Los A’s!!

On the subject of Oakland A’s, they are kicking ass!! Also, some of the fam & I went to bark in the park last night at the colliseum. Lots of fun cause we got to walk on the field. And because we beat the Yankees! Oh yea!!

Me and the family dog, Chewy

On the field, so cool!

Dogs in the park

Okay, so I picked up some new gear today. I’ve been wanting to try compression socks. Since I’ve been running more than I ever have my lower legs have been really tight & (kinda) sore. Stretching is not cutting it so I bought some socks today. I’ve been wearing them around my apartment to check them out & I gotta say I’m pretty impressed. My legsies feel looser & not sore at all. I’m going to wear them on my Sunday long run & see what they are all about. So far very comfy and I think they will be helpful for my training.


This is what $60 socks look like


They even have instructions for how to put them on 🙂 Seriously, it’s not easy!

I’ll let ya’ll know what I think of them after my run on Sunday! Have a great weekend!!

Oh geez, how could I forget…I also got this shirt (Fleet Feet Fair Oaks) My new favorite training shirt! Haha


Fab 40’s 5k!

This is me at 6:30 am…not a pretty sight! I HATE getting up early!!


And this is what I deal with every morning. Cats trying to trip me while getting to their food! Don’t they know I have a race to run??!


After half an hour or so of waking up I look a little better. Zahara is happy with a full tummy.


Today I ran the Fab 40’s 5k. Very fun run! It’s in a beautiful neighborhood in East Sacramento (the run is named after the neighborhood it takes place in). It is my fastest 5k yet! I ran with my dad, but had to leave him behind cause I’ve never run a 5k for me, always with someone else, so I really wanted to do my best. And he didn’t mind.

Here is the route for the race:
Distance 3.19 miles, Duration 28:28,
Pace 8:55 min/mi, Speed 6.72 mi/hr

My shirt, one of the reasons I love to race 🙂

Everyone getting ready for the race!


Outside my comfort zone

So today I had to step out of my comfort zone…I ran a race by myself. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I hate doing things by myself, especially when there are people that I don’t know. Being a single, independent lady these days I have very quickly realized I need to get over that shit! Still working on it, but I’m getting there!
Post race pic. All red faced & sweaty! I decided that each race I run I am going to wear the shirt from the race before. This explains the pink shirt…I would NEVER choose this color.


Here is my run today (it was a FREE 4th of July 5 miler) I think I did pretty good!
Distance 5:15 miles, Duration 47:59, Speed 6:45mi/hr, Pace 9:18min/mi

Eating lunch while icing my knees. My handsome kitty is wondering what I’m doing.


After the race I went to fireworks with my friend (well, ran errands & napped, then fireworks)

We had a perfect spot to see the fireworks!


I’m excited for my yummy nachos!!




New PR!!

I went for a run tonight to make up for last night’s beer drinkin’ & cigar smokin’ 😉 Well I totally made up for it! Here is my run from tonight:

Distance 3.01 miles, Duration 24:15, Pace 8:03 min/mi, Speed 7.44mi/hr

This is a new PR for me so I was super excited when I finished the run. My pace is usually anywhere from 9:00 min/mi to 10:45 min/mi. I don’t usually run in the evening, but I did today and the weather was perfect. I don’t know why but I seem to run better in the evening/night. Too bad my marathon won’t be a night run!! My long run is tomorrow and I’m thinking of running that in the evening too. We’ll see how I do!  So, I saw this in my Runner’s World Magazine and thought it was great advice, and funny 🙂