New PR!!

I went for a run tonight to make up for last night’s beer drinkin’ & cigar smokin’ 😉 Well I totally made up for it! Here is my run from tonight:

Distance 3.01 miles, Duration 24:15, Pace 8:03 min/mi, Speed 7.44mi/hr

This is a new PR for me so I was super excited when I finished the run. My pace is usually anywhere from 9:00 min/mi to 10:45 min/mi. I don’t usually run in the evening, but I did today and the weather was perfect. I don’t know why but I seem to run better in the evening/night. Too bad my marathon won’t be a night run!! My long run is tomorrow and I’m thinking of running that in the evening too. We’ll see how I do!  So, I saw this in my Runner’s World Magazine and thought it was great advice, and funny 🙂


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