Outside my comfort zone

So today I had to step out of my comfort zone…I ran a race by myself. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I hate doing things by myself, especially when there are people that I don’t know. Being a single, independent lady these days I have very quickly realized I need to get over that shit! Still working on it, but I’m getting there!
Post race pic. All red faced & sweaty! I decided that each race I run I am going to wear the shirt from the race before. This explains the pink shirt…I would NEVER choose this color.


Here is my run today (it was a FREE 4th of July 5 miler) I think I did pretty good!
Distance 5:15 miles, Duration 47:59, Speed 6:45mi/hr, Pace 9:18min/mi

Eating lunch while icing my knees. My handsome kitty is wondering what I’m doing.


After the race I went to fireworks with my friend (well, ran errands & napped, then fireworks)

We had a perfect spot to see the fireworks!


I’m excited for my yummy nachos!!





4 thoughts on “Outside my comfort zone

    • Absolutely! I did run my half marathon by myself but my family was there supporting me. So that doesn’t count 😉

  1. Yum! Those nachos look delicious. Can’t remember the last time i’ve had any. And really nice job on the 5-miler! That’s so cool that it was free… Looks like ya had a happy 4th!

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