Fab 40’s 5k!

This is me at 6:30 am…not a pretty sight! I HATE getting up early!!


And this is what I deal with every morning. Cats trying to trip me while getting to their food! Don’t they know I have a race to run??!


After half an hour or so of waking up I look a little better. Zahara is happy with a full tummy.


Today I ran the Fab 40’s 5k. Very fun run! It’s in a beautiful neighborhood in East Sacramento (the run is named after the neighborhood it takes place in). It is my fastest 5k yet! I ran with my dad, but had to leave him behind cause I’ve never run a 5k for me, always with someone else, so I really wanted to do my best. And he didn’t mind.

Here is the route for the race:
Distance 3.19 miles, Duration 28:28,
Pace 8:55 min/mi, Speed 6.72 mi/hr

My shirt, one of the reasons I love to race 🙂

Everyone getting ready for the race!



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