My next half marathon countdown

In 31 days I will be running my second half marathon! It is The Giant Race in San Francisco at AT&T park. I’m an Oakland A’s fan all the way, but even I have to admit AT&T Park is a pretty cool place for a race (I rhymed!) And SF as my first race outside the Sacramento area, that’s pretty cool too!
Speaking of races in different places (I rhymed again!) I have this goal, dream, to do thingy I’ve been thinking about lately. I want to run a race in every state. How cool would that be?? Anything from a 5k to a marathon. I will do it!! I’ll try πŸ™‚ Anyone that knows of some good races outside of CA let me know!

First run of the week today – I’ve been busy – good run but my legsies were super tight. Rolled them out on my foam roller. Love that thing!!

Distance 3.97 miles, Duration 37:41, Pace 9:28 min/mi, Speed 6.33 mi/hr


Getting back to training

These past couple of days I went on a mini vacation in Santa Cruz with my friend. It was a belated birthday trip, lots of fun & it wasΒ very much needed. I didn’t do any running when I was there. Which was sad, but a good thing too. My body needed a rest.


Log ride fun!!



Definitely got a little burnt 😦


New cutest sweatshirt ever. Bought it at a store near the boardwalk.


On our last day we went out to breakfast. Great view of the light house and ocean, but I had to take a picture of this! Boat cat!


Tomorrow I start my training again! Can’t wait!! πŸ™‚

Early Morning Run VS Sleep

Why, why, why is it so hard for me to wake up early to run??! I swear, unless it’s for an actual race I cannot get up before 7am to run.
I really tried today. I set my alarm for 6am, had my clothes laid out, water & breakfast ready…woke up at 4:45am and thought “F that. I need sleep”. Then I reset my alarm. It would be nice if I could get off work & go home instead of running. One of these days I hope I will be able to do that. I just LOVE SLEEP so much. Geez. At least I did my run today. Treadmill run…way too hot today to run outside. Even at 7:30pm.

Distance 3 miles, Duration 29:00, Pace 9:40 min/mi, Speed 5.9 mi/hr

Had to ice my knees & shins after my run tonight. Apparently, Miss Daisy Mae likes my sweaty feet.