Early Morning Run VS Sleep

Why, why, why is it so hard for me to wake up early to run??! I swear, unless it’s for an actual race I cannot get up before 7am to run.
I really tried today. I set my alarm for 6am, had my clothes laid out, water & breakfast ready…woke up at 4:45am and thought “F that. I need sleep”. Then I reset my alarm. It would be nice if I could get off work & go home instead of running. One of these days I hope I will be able to do that. I just LOVE SLEEP so much. Geez. At least I did my run today. Treadmill run…way too hot today to run outside. Even at 7:30pm.

Distance 3 miles, Duration 29:00, Pace 9:40 min/mi, Speed 5.9 mi/hr

Had to ice my knees & shins after my run tonight. Apparently, Miss Daisy Mae likes my sweaty feet.




5 thoughts on “Early Morning Run VS Sleep

  1. Well, try to set up your alarm to 7:00 and get up. Then the next day change it to 6:55. Or after 2 days… depends on how comfortable you are. Well, always works for me.

    Good luck with the Color Run! It’s seems to be very fun.

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