Nothing went right today…

Today’s run sucked! I really hate saying that because I feel so amazing after all my runs, and I hate being negative, but I was just not into it at all today. I had to keep telling myself “You can do this!” over and over. Maybe it was the sleeping in until 11am, the vodka I drank last night, or the beer, the chicken wings, pizza, french fries, or corn nuts…or maybe a combination of it all? 😉 Out of 11 miles I was supposed to run today, I didn’t even do 6. To make myself feel better I plan on running tomorrow which is supposed to be a rest day.

Distance 5.89 miles, Duration 54:26, Pace 9:14 min/mi, Speed 6:49 mi/hr


This cute little guy was outside of my apartment when I came home from my run & was chirping at me. I like to think he was telling me what a great job I did today on my terrible run. Hahaha.


So, OBVIOUSLY I don’t drink/eat like that regularly. Last night I went to an A’s game with my family. You’re totally allowed to indulge when your team is kicking ass right??!

Last night was “Weekend At Bernie’s Night”. If you’re not familiar with the A’s they have been doing the Bernie dance lately. And if you don’t know what that is look it up…it is f-ing hilarious!

Bernie representing Oakland!


They had Terry Kiser (Bernie) throw out the first pitch. It was awesome! He did his dance, threw the pitch and then had some of the players carry him off the field the way the did in the movie. It was great!


The entire stadium doing the Bernie!


No bark in the park, but I had to get a picture with Chewy before we left. I love this dog!


Okay, so after my amazingly fun run today (I am rolling my eyes right now) I checked the mail and got this!! My bib for my next half marathon. The Giant Race is in 2 more weeks. Speaking of race countdowns….my marathon is exactly 3 months away! Damn! 6 months of training half way done!




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