Can I do this?

Today was the longest run I’ve had to do since I starting training. It was 14 miles. I set my alarm to get up EARLY this AM and I am happy to say that I actually got up when I planned! Having to run 14 miles was helpful…I wanted to get this run in before it go too hot. I drove up to Folsom today and started at the Power House State Park, to Lake Natoma, past the dam and back up to the Power House.

I think this is the first run (training, not for a race) I’ve done before the sun was up and the roads were empty.


Here is my route:

Marathon training Long Run – 14 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Since I don’t listen to music when I run I had to get in my music while driving up to Folsom. Today it was Shane Dwight’s cd A Hundred White Lies. Oh and yea, he signed it…like I said before he is my rockstar bf, but he just doesn’t know. Haha.


As my runs become longer I am having a hard time with them. My legs are still really tight because I wasn’t able to get a massage last week. I am hoping once I get one (I have 2 set up within this next month) running will be easier for me. Obviously I am running more than I ever have, but I get very discouraged when I have a difficult run. By difficult I mean my legs being tight, I now have pain in my foot, my knees have some discomfort during and after my runs, and I am sore a few days after my runs. None of these things has ever happened before. If the massage doesn’t completely help I’m thinking of getting some kind of sole support for my shoes. My foot is painful today, which has never happened 😦 While I did finish my 14 miles today – all running no walking, well there was a potty break – it wasn’t easy. With less than 3 months until my marathon I am beginning to worry that I may not finish it. As I sit here and write  type this, I am feeling good and hopeful that I can finish a marathon. But when I was running today I wasn’t so sure. The feeling of letting myself down, and not to mention my friends & family who have been supporting me, is a scary and sad feeling. My friends & fam would never make me feel that way, but I will feel that way if I don’t finish.

There is a 20 mile run I am doing in November in Clarksburg. I think that will give me a good idea of how well I will do at the CIM.

Maybe I am just getting nervous!


6 thoughts on “Can I do this?

  1. I’m not doing CIM, but the RnR Las Vegas the same weekend — also my first marathon. I TOTALLY understand how you feel about being nervous! I am too.

    Oh — I’m also doing the Clarskburg Country run 20-miler. Seems like the perfect timing to be ready a few weeks before the marathon.

    • Have fun at the Vegas run! I was going to do that, but decided to stay in town for my first marathon so friends & fam can come.
      I’m excited for Clarksburg…I want to taste some wine after 😉 Good luck with your runs.

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