Run Like Hell

8 days without running and I thought I was gonna go crazy! Wow…it was really only 8 days?? Seemed much longer & now if feel silly complaing to my friends that I haven’t run in “forever”.


I had been having pain (shin & hip) for a little while and after my half marathon last month it only got worse. I thought I just needed to stretch more, ice more & take some ibuprofen and then I’ll be fine. Well, I came to my senses when I wasn’t able to walk with out limping. I decided to take – at least – a week off of running. I’ve been feeling much better so I went for a run yesterday. Very short & slow. I’m easing myself back into things so I don’t get any serious injuries. It sucks because I felt like I could have gone farther and faster – I KNOW I could have, but I figured – do I want to be able to have a really good run tonight, or do I want to be able to run well for the rest of my life? Pretty easy choice, for me at least.

Here is my route from last night:

Marathon Training – short run 2 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.



When I finished my run last night I got in my car to go home and this song was playing. I don’t listen to Pink Floyd and I have no idea what the song is about, but I did like the name and the fact that after not running for a week this was what I saw after finishing my run ๐Ÿ™‚


Last night my sis and I also did some more walking around downtown. I love our late night walks! We went to Capitol Park like usual, had some pizza and talked about 90’s music and movies. She says she wants to be in the 90’s again ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyone who has ever livedย in any cityย downtown knows what a pain in the ass parking can be! So…I had to show off my crazy good parallel parking skills. I showed Kate (my sister) and even she was pretty impressed.


Look at how damn perfect that is! Am I the only one who gets excited over something like this??


Is this more exciting…Fleet Feet Sacramento is having a special going on with their socks. Buy 3 get the 4th pair free. Since I was already buying 2 pair I thought why the hell not? I’ll always need more & I f-ing love these socks!


Miss Daisy Mae wanted the last say in my blog today. However, when I asked what she wanted to say she just gave me this look like she’s not amused. Or maybe she was thinking of food? She does that often.


Did you know women were not allowed to race in marathons?

I did not know that. Honesty, I never even thought about it. I came across an interesting and very inspiring article in my November Runner’s World Magazine (written by Charles Butler). I read it a week or so ago and have been thinking about it since.

It starts off , “Forty yeas ago, only six women entered the NYC Marathon, but what they did at the starting line would change racing forever…” Just imagine that, it was only 40 years ago! There are women running today that were discriminated against and told they weren’t allowed to race. It really blows my mind when I think about that.


The women in this story; Lynn Blackstone, Jane Muhrcke, Liz Franceschini, Pat Barrett and Nina Kuscsik made it possible for women today to be able to race. They protested at the start of the NYC Marathon. There was a rule back then that the women had to start 10 minutes before the men. Instead, they sat down when their race was to start and help up signs of protest. 10 minutes later when the men’s race started, the 6 women got up and started too.

One of the women, Nina Kuscski, was the first woman to win the Boston Marathon in 1972. She also helped get the women’s marathon into the olympics.

You should go pick up a copy of this issue (it’s been my favorite so far since I subscribed last year). There are actually a few more well written, interesting & inspiring stories in this issue as well. So thank you Runner’s World for a little bit of a history lesson in running ๐Ÿ™‚ And thank you to the women who made it possible for me to be able to run my first marathon this December!

Ran to the State Capitol today

I’m writing this post a few days after my run (thanks to AT&T and their awful call center/tech support) but I finally have my internet back since moving last weekend. I love my new place downtown! I decided to go for a run to the State Capitol on Monday to take a break from unpacking.

Here is my route:

Fun Run to CA State Capital by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.



Beautiful International World Peace Rose Garden



This is where the CIM marathon will end!! Front steps of the Capitol.


I walked around Capitol Park for a while before heading back home. It really is a beautiful park…I wonder if the people who work there enjoy it as much as I do, or if they take it for granted. As I was running I saw a lot of business men/women who seemed too busy to appreciate where they were. Which is understandable, but hopefully they get to enjoy their surroundings once in a while.

This was a really interesting statue I came upon. It is Father Junipero Serra standing over the State of California.


So, when I got back home I had to finish unpacking. The kids were no help at all, but they were still getting used to their new surroundings.


Zahara is trying to find her new “spot”


Oh, and here were 2 unexpected roommates. I was a little unhappy that I had to clean the apartment as I was moving in!


This wasn’t even everything!


After a looong weekend of unpacking my friend and I walked to a nearby pub and played trivia. And drank some beer, and had chips n’ gravy. Pretty damn yummy. I was a happy girl, as you can see by my plate ๐Ÿ™‚


On Tuesday I had one of my short runs for the week, and possibly my only run ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I am still pretty sore from that run and it really sucks. My pace has been much quicker and that has been great, but maybe my body can’t handle that right now? I’ve decided to take a few days off and on my long run Sunday slow it down a little. No matter how hard that will be to do, I’ve gotta do it. I ran to the Capitol again and did a few laps around the park. The one thing that I don’t like about running downtown is the traffic lights & the light rail. I hate having to stop and wait!

Route for Tuesday’s run:

Marathon training – short run 4 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

One last thing…

Really sad about the outcome of last night’s game. But the A’s had an amazing season and it was super exciting to see my team doing so well!! Now it’s up to the Giants to keep the Bay in it!

What I thought about on my run today


  1. My new job
  2. My old job
  3. I really shouldn’t have eaten apple sauce w/ fruit and then dried apricots for breakfast…
  4. …but I only have to run 4 miles so I should be okay
  5. I’m going to Santa Cruz for Halloween!!
  6. I cannot wait for my massage later today
  7. Everything I have to do today to get ready to move tomorrow
  8. I’m working my first grave yard shift today…should be interesting
  9. I need a hat or something, because ever since I cut my hair off it looks pretty terrible after my run
  10. Do I really want to run with a hat on? Might bother me
  11. I hope the A’s win the World Series!
  12. Seems like it is finally fall, love the cold weather & leaves every where
  13. I don’t feel like cleaning & packing today
  14. The CIM is less than 2 months away!
  15. How do people smoke cigarettes this early in the morning? Gross
  16. I hate cigarettes, but I love cigars
  17. Who the hell is gonna help me move my tv, that thing is heavy!
  19. I wonder if my socks have come in at Fleet Feet yet
  20. Done!

Here is my route for today:

Marathon Training – short run 4 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.