What I thought about on my run today


  1. My new job
  2. My old job
  3. I really shouldn’t have eaten apple sauce w/ fruit and then dried apricots for breakfast…
  4. …but I only have to run 4 miles so I should be okay
  5. I’m going to Santa Cruz for Halloween!!
  6. I cannot wait for my massage later today
  7. Everything I have to do today to get ready to move tomorrow
  8. I’m working my first grave yard shift today…should be interesting
  9. I need a hat or something, because ever since I cut my hair off it looks pretty terrible after my run
  10. Do I really want to run with a hat on? Might bother me
  11. I hope the A’s win the World Series!
  12. Seems like it is finally fall, love the cold weather & leaves every where
  13. I don’t feel like cleaning & packing today
  14. The CIM is less than 2 months away!
  15. How do people smoke cigarettes this early in the morning? Gross
  16. I hate cigarettes, but I love cigars
  17. Who the hell is gonna help me move my tv, that thing is heavy!
  19. I wonder if my socks have come in at Fleet Feet yet
  20. Done!

Here is my route for today:

Marathon Training – short run 4 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.


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