Did you know women were not allowed to race in marathons?

I did not know that. Honesty, I never even thought about it. I came across an interesting and very inspiring article in my November Runner’s World Magazine (written by Charles Butler). I read it a week or so ago and have been thinking about it since.

It starts off , “Forty yeas ago, only six women entered the NYC Marathon, but what they did at the starting line would change racing forever…” Just imagine that, it was only 40 years ago! There are women running today that were discriminated against and told they weren’t allowed to race. It really blows my mind when I think about that.


The women in this story; Lynn Blackstone, Jane Muhrcke, Liz Franceschini, Pat Barrett and Nina Kuscsik made it possible for women today to be able to race. They protested at the start of the NYC Marathon. There was a rule back then that the women had to start 10 minutes before the men. Instead, they sat down when their race was to start and help up signs of protest. 10 minutes later when the men’s race started, the 6 women got up and started too.

One of the women, Nina Kuscski, was the first woman to win the Boston Marathon in 1972. She also helped get the women’s marathon into the olympics.

You should go pick up a copy of this issue (it’s been my favorite so far since I subscribed last year). There are actually a few more well written, interesting & inspiring stories in this issue as well. So thank you Runner’s World for a little bit of a history lesson in running 🙂 And thank you to the women who made it possible for me to be able to run my first marathon this December!


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