Run Like Hell

8 days without running and I thought I was gonna go crazy! Wow…it was really only 8 days?? Seemed much longer & now if feel silly complaing to my friends that I haven’t run in “forever”.


I had been having pain (shin & hip) for a little while and after my half marathon last month it only got worse. I thought I just needed to stretch more, ice more & take some ibuprofen and then I’ll be fine. Well, I came to my senses when I wasn’t able to walk with out limping. I decided to take – at least – a week off of running. I’ve been feeling much better so I went for a run yesterday. Very short & slow. I’m easing myself back into things so I don’t get any serious injuries. It sucks because I felt like I could have gone farther and faster – I KNOW I could have, but I figured – do I want to be able to have a really good run tonight, or do I want to be able to run well for the rest of my life? Pretty easy choice, for me at least.

Here is my route from last night:

Marathon Training – short run 2 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.



When I finished my run last night I got in my car to go home and this song was playing. I don’t listen to Pink Floyd and I have no idea what the song is about, but I did like the name and the fact that after not running for a week this was what I saw after finishing my run 🙂


Last night my sis and I also did some more walking around downtown. I love our late night walks! We went to Capitol Park like usual, had some pizza and talked about 90’s music and movies. She says she wants to be in the 90’s again 🙂

Anyone who has ever lived in any city downtown knows what a pain in the ass parking can be! So…I had to show off my crazy good parallel parking skills. I showed Kate (my sister) and even she was pretty impressed.


Look at how damn perfect that is! Am I the only one who gets excited over something like this??


Is this more exciting…Fleet Feet Sacramento is having a special going on with their socks. Buy 3 get the 4th pair free. Since I was already buying 2 pair I thought why the hell not? I’ll always need more & I f-ing love these socks!


Miss Daisy Mae wanted the last say in my blog today. However, when I asked what she wanted to say she just gave me this look like she’s not amused. Or maybe she was thinking of food? She does that often.



One thought on “Run Like Hell

  1. Two years ago I developed really sharp pain in what I thought was my lower back while out for a run. In times past, running helped to loosen my back up…So I kept running for a few more days until it was agonizing. Turned out that it wasn’t my back but a tear in my glute. I ripped my cheek!! Talk about pain in the ass….

    Running injuries suck. Be careful!

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