At this time next month…

…I will be drinking mimosas (we plan on going to DeVere’s in downtown Sac, bottomless mimosas with bottle service!) , probably eating french fries and celebrating finishing the California International Marathon!! Yep, CIM is 30 days away!

The plan was to wait two weeks before I tried running again. Well it’s been 8 days. I woke up this morning NEEDING to run, so I ran. I took it slow and didn’t run far. As I’m typing this I am feeling pretty good. Around mile 3 I started getting that familiar little pain in my foot, but it was nothing like my last run. Yea, my crappy run…at the end I was pretty much limping home. Today is perfect fall weather and I had to get out of my apartment. Here is my route for today:

Marathon Training Short Run 3.5 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.


My pace was very slow, but I am okay with that (kinda) because I don’t want to hurt myself. Besides the CIM I am running the Paul Reese Memorial Clarksburg County Run. It’s on November 11th and its 20 miles. I am really looking forward to that one because it is supposed to be a beautiful course. Not to mention wine tasting afterwards. Always a plus.

It is crazy to think how fast time goes by. 5 months ago I decided to run a marathon. It seriously seems like just yesterday. I have had so much fun during these past 5 months training & being in races. Running has changed my life & has helped me to become healthy and happy (pay no attention to my posts about cigars, beer, wine and french fries 😉 ) I mentioned before my goal of running a race in every state, and since 2012 is almost over I have started looking into next year’s races. There is a run in Oregon at Crater Lake that is definitely on my list for next year! I have been running for almost a year now and look forward to many more!


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