F-you Pedestrian

I’m beginning to wonder if this is what drivers think. Every time I am running (or walking) cars never stop, rarely stop for me. Umm drivers out there….you know those white lines that go across the road for people to walk in? Those are a sign for you to stop your ass when you see someone on the side of the street trying to cross. They ARE NOT for you to drive right on through and give me dirty looks as if I’m doing something wrong. Oh, and when you have a green light, yea, that means go but if you’re turning on a green light I still have the fucking right away. In case you were wondering.

Running in the city can be a hazard. That being said, I still enjoy it. Here is my route from tonight:

Marathon Training – Short Run 5.5 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Obviously I am running again (YAY!!) and obviously I am taking it slowly (BOO!). I’m such a complainer! I was very happy to be out tonight running, great fall weather. Alright, countdown time: Clarksburg County 20 Miler 4 days away & CIM 25 days away!



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