Saucony Guide 6 – My CIM Shoes!

Let me just say, I am not some one who knows a lot about shoes and I am not trying to give any kind of advice or pretend to give some kind of professional review here. What I am going to do is tell you what I think & how I feel about the new Saucony Guide 6 shoes. These are the only running shoes I have had since I started running (which has been about a year now). I have tried others, even bought and ran in the Nike Lunar Glide’s…those ended up hurting my feet and I went back to Fleet Feet and got Sauconys again.

The first pair of Saucony Guides I got were a size 7 1/2. I LOVED them! The fit, the support…it was like running on a cloud. When it was time to get a new pair, still the Guide 5’s, it was suggested I try a size 8. So I did. They were still good shoes, but I feel like I didn’t like them as much in this size. It took about 3 weeks to realize that so I never returned them. Maybe I should have, but too late for that now.

My size 8 Guide 5’s are still in pretty good condition, but I wanted to get a new pair to run the CIM. So I went to Fleet Feet Sacramento yesterday and got a new pair. Here are the Saucony Guide 6’s:

Aren’t they pretty??


I didn’t know a new model had come out so I was interested to see how these compared to the 5’s. First of all, my only real complaint with the 5’s was how damn long those shoe laces were! They fixed that…thanks Saucony! Because if I didn’t double knot them sometimes I would step on them and they’d become untied. Another thing (if you can notice in the picture below) is they don’t seem as wide as the 5’s. The new Saucony Guides I got yesterday are a size 8. We tried a 7 1/2 and it was too snug…maybe it’s just me? But when I put both on at the same time I could totally feel a difference.


Zahara was also excited for my new shoes


Another purchase I made yesterday was Superfeet Insoles. They were recommended to me by a few people after I had complained about some foot & shin pain. Today was my first run with them. I really do like the support I get with them and think they will be helpful. I am going to start doing all my runs with them to get used to them before the California International Marathon. I don’t need anything new to f- up my first marathon!



My run today to test out my new shoes & insoles:

Sunday Run by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Overall, I really like the new model of the Saucony Guide 6 shoes. Like I said, they are the only running shoes I’ve had…when you find something that works stick with it! I will be interested to read other reviews on these shoes, by someone more seasoned than me πŸ˜‰

ps I did try on a pair of Asics that were comfy as well but they were black, blue & PINK. I said to the lady helping me, “I don’t mean to be silly, but is this the only color these shoes come in?” I think you know the answer to that. Is there anyone else who is particular about how a shoe looks, or a color you won’t buy?


2 thoughts on “Saucony Guide 6 – My CIM Shoes!

  1. I am picky about shoe color, but have learned that comfort overrides all that. I focus my color attention more to the running outfits I wear… I have more control over that than my shoes.
    Your cat looks a lot like mine. Is it a bengal? Maybe you and I will ‘run’ into each other at CIM. We are close in our pace time. Good luck on your first marathon. πŸ™‚

    • Luckily the shoes I like (cause of the look) are also the ones that felt the best πŸ™‚ My kitty is a Bengal, and always by side. She is laying on my lap right now. Good luck to you too! I’m excited!! Even if it is supposed to rain.

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