Run To Feed The Hungry

Today was the annual Thanksgiving run here in Sacramento, Run To Feed The Hungry. I had signed up with plans to run the 10k. My knee had other plans…so I ran the 5k. It was a beautiful run through great neighborhoods of East Sacramento. Not to mention the perfect weather!


The 10k started at 8:35am and 5k at 9:00am. Just so I wouldn’t be tempted to run the 10k I got there a little later. Almost too late. I made it to the start about 10 minutes before we started! I heard them announce there were 27,300 people participating (no wonder it took so long to find a parking spot). Which is awesome because all the money goes to the Sacramento Food Bank. This run was so fun I’m going to plan on doing this one every year! Here is the 5k route:

Run To Feed The Hungry by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.


Here is the shirt from this race. I’ll be wearing this when I run the CIM. I am considering cutting the sleeves though because I HATE running in long sleeves. I get too hot!



10 more days until the California International Marathon. AKA the first marathon I will run, AKA what I have been training for since June, AKA all I’ve been talking about…you get the point. I’m excited!!! What I’m not excited about is the 4:00am wake up call that day. Maybe I can push it to 4:30? We’ll see, I do only live like 10 blocks of where I’ll be catching the bus to the start.


3 thoughts on “Run To Feed The Hungry

  1. In a race I would only wear long sleeves if it’s going to be below 40 for the whole race. This morning I ran in short sleeves and it must have been around 42 at the start- plenty of people seemed happy in their multiple layers though so it can’t be for everyone.

    • It definitely won’t be below 40 here in Sacramento! Still waiting to see what the weather will be like, I’ve heard about 60. Hopefully no rain!

      • I can’t remember where I read it, but I heard that for running you should dress for 20 degrees warmer than it actually is. You’ll probably never need long sleeves out there.

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