Test, test

Today I tested out my entire outfit I plan on wearing for the CIM. I may wear shorts depending on the weather, but as of now there is a 50% chance of rain. Which is fine by me, as long as it’s not pouring. Today on my run it was 64 degrees and sunny. Beautiful day…why couldn’t the marathon be today??

Here is my outfit! I went to Fleet Feet yesterday and bought a crap load of energy gels. This morning before my run I realized I had nothing to put them in, since I have decided to not bring my Nathan hand-held water bottle when I run the marathon. So I headed back to Fleet Feet today and got the Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack. I’ve never run with one, and DID NOT want one with water bottles. This one is the perfect size. Hold my gels, phone (I decided I’m going to run with my phone cause I want to take pics along the way…I’m a dork, I know) and most important my chapstick. To see more pics of it check out My Faves.


Here is my run today, it was short. I’m not going to push myself until the CIM:

Sunday Run 3 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

My dad got me these stretching books for Christmas. He gave them to me early, I think cause I’ve been telling him about my knee issue and that I need to stretch better. Thanks dad 🙂


This is what I’ve been reading lately though. I saw the movie first, and have been wanting to read the books. I can’t wait to finish this one and read the others to see what happens!






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