California International Marathon…my first marathon!

Oh, boy. The CIM…was it really only 2 days ago? It seems like forever. I feel sad that it was here and now gone so quickly. For 6 months I have been waiting to run my first marathon, and now I can say I have 🙂 And with MAJOR bragging rights! 26.2 miles in pouring rain, flooding streets and 30 mph winds! It was fun. I loved that my first marathon was in “the worst weather for the CIM” – I heard some one say that!

Here is my pre run dinner. I made chickpea burgers, and my sister made a really yummy quinoa salad to go with it.


Yep, 4 am wake up call! This is what I look like that early in the am. Not pretty…but my shoes are 🙂


So, yea. It was rainy as hell. But I’m still smiling.


This above picture was around mile 18-19ish. About the time I was thinking I am sticking to half marathons only, and maybe I’m just not made to run a marathon. I mean, yea I finished but it wasn’t easy. My knee overall wasn’t giving me problems until late in the race. At that point it was both knees, but it wasn’t the stabbing pain I felt when I ran the Clarksburg 20 miler. Thank God. I have come up with a pretty good analogy with how I feel about marathons:

Marathons are like tattoos. When you’re doing it, it is painful and you want it to be over. Then when it’s done you forget about the pain and are planning your next one. At least that is how I feel about it 😉

Crossing the finish line was amazing. Even if I wasn’t running super fast like I usually do (can) at the end of a race. By the time I finished the weather was perfect.



Here are some great pics taken by my sister in front of the State Capitol & their Christmas tree.



California International Marathon:

2012 California International Marathon! by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

I am very happy I accomplished this goal. Not the time I wanted, in fact an hour longer that I wanted (dammit) but I think that happened for a reason. Number 1 obviously is I need to stretch. Which I believe helped me get through this race. Another important thing that I really didn’t think about was to bring food along with me when doing a marathon. I didn’t think about it because last year I saw they had bananas, oranges & pretzels. Well, I guess I was too slow cause when I came to those stations I saw orange & banana peels all over the ground, but nothing for me to eat. F! So, next marathon…BRING FOOD! I was so happy when I crossed the finish line and my sister handed me a banana and Clif Shot Bloks. Right then it was the best thing I had ever eaten! Finally, I know that I need to strength train more. I did very well when I trained for my half marathon, but not as well this time around. I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy race, but now that I am finished I can see where I need & can improve. There’s always a next time! Oh, and ps why didn’t anyone tell me about ass chafing?!! Am I the only one this happened to? Jesus, that was uncomfortable! I used Body Glide & New Skin, but never thought to put it on my butt! Next time, next time.


My medal. Out of the whole marathon the last 0.2 miles was the hardest! Serious!


My support dogs. Bones is all proud dogs wearing my medal!



2 thoughts on “California International Marathon…my first marathon!

  1. Congrats! I still haven’t done a full… I have one scheduled in March but my work makes it so hard to train. You keep me motivated, girl! Oh, and the 26.2 sticker? That is better than the medal. I remember the sticker being my motivation for my first half marathon 🙂

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