Running is hard!

Today was my first run after the marathon. Super short. I ran around Mckinley Park because it’s been a while since I ran there, and I love that park. I planned on doing 3 laps – only 3! It probably is about 2 miles, maybe a little over. I ran 2 laps instead. Wha, wha, whaaaa… My knee started acting up. So now I’m at home, typing this blog and icing my knee. But the CIM was only 8 days ago, I shouldn’t be too hard on myself…even if today’s 1.5 mile run was hard! I am super excited though because in a few months when my gym membership is up I’m joining my friend’s gym so I will have a work out partner! We work out well together so I decided to join her gym. I need to get into much better shape. Especially if I want to kill my time for the CIM next year. Yea, it’s been a thought floating around in my head, gotta make up for this year!

Today’s run:

Run 1.5 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

The next run I plan on doing is this coming Sunday. It’s a free run, bring a toy for the Salvation Army and go run a 5k. Fleet Feet Sacramento puts on the run “as a gift to the running community” which I think is pretty cool. Here is a link if you wanna check out the info –
Fleet Feet Free Holiday Classic


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