It’s not the end of the world…guess I’ll go for a run

So, it’s December 21, 2012…I think grumpy cat sums things up perfectly. God I love this cat!


So, 2013. I have started to sign up for some races. 2 so far. The Getty Owl 10k will be my first of 2013. I’ve been training, stretching & working out properly (thanks to a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness!) and I am excited for next year’s runs! I chose the Getty Owl run because it starts close to home and it’s a run that I didn’t do last year. Sacramento has such a great running community and great runs that I want to take advantage of the races this year that I didn’t do last year.

Getty Owl 5k/10k

Something else I have decided to do is volutneer for some races. My first thought was to just go be a spectator and make some funny signs (those people holding signs for everyone are always great motivation!) then I thought, why not give back? I am sending in my paper work to volunteer for the Shamrock’N Half Marathon. This was my first half I did last year so I thought it would be cool to volunteer for it this year. It is another great run through Sacramento.

Shamrock’N Half 2013

Me at the finish of the Shamrock’N Half Marathon 2012



The other run that I have signed up for is a half marathon in San Francisco. Why this one? Because I get to run across the Golden Gate Bridge!!! That is seriously the reason I signed up for this. How cool is that gonna be!?? Although, I have to admit, I hate driving over bridges. But hey, I’ll run over one 😉 Too bad I have to wait until November to run it.

US Half Marathon San Francisco

Okay, I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: I love Miles from Runner’s World Magazine. He has the best advice!


I never listen to music when I run, except when I’m at the gym. Even then I have it really low. It is hard for me to concentrate when I’m running if I have my ear phones in. I also love the sounds of running. My steps, my breath, the wind, birds singing, dogs barking, people talking…try it some time.


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