First race of 2013!

Finally!!! I ran my first race this year! Getty Owl 10k. Nice run downtown Sacramento along the river. I had been waiting for this run for-ev-er! It was a good run, I wanted a better time but had wind holding me back the second half of the race. Here is my route:

Getty Owl 10k by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Shirt & bib from the race


Penny & I before the run. She was wearing my sun glasses to protect her little doxie eyes.(okay, fine. She was wearing them cause it was super cute).


Me crossing the finish!


So yesterday I started training for the Capitola Half Marathon. I am so excited to be doing a run in that beautiful town! In case you’re wondering what Lucy & Desi is, they are cats I watch. It’s not the tv show 😉


Super sweaty after my first day of training…yes! Love sweatiness!


Perhaps you have heard this man’s story by now. He has been on the news recently. My dad sent me a link to his story and said it is something for me to look forward to. One can hope! They call him the Turbaned Tornado. His name is Fauja Singh and he is a 101 year old runner. 101!! He recently ran his final race and said this about running, “I will remember this day. I will miss it”.


I find this man such an inspiration. He began running at age 89 and has run 9 marathons and other races. It really goes to prove that if you want to do something, if you work hard and have a passion for it, you can do it. When talking about running I always hear “I could never do that”. I only started running in December of 2011. I’ve done 2 half marathons, a 20 miler, 1 marathon and who knows how many 5 & 10k’s. I’m signed up for 1 marathon, 2 halfs and some 5 & 10k’s already this year. I LOVE running. I never once thought “I can’t do this” I don’t like to have those negative thoughts in my head. I have thought “This is hard”, “This f-ing sucks”, “What the hell was I thinking running a marathon??!” but those are fleeting thoughts. It is so worth it when you cross that finish line. It is worth the feeling of happiness, strength and being healthy that I get after each run. If you haven’t ready about Singh here is a link to the story of his last run. Enjoy!
Turbaned Tornado