What I thought about on my run today Part 3

Today was my long run for the week, 6 miles. It was NOT an easy run. My ass and thighs are pretty sore from my Body Rock session yesterday. Still, it was a nice day for a run and I got some pretty cool pictures (in my opinion) from my run. I ran along the River Walk in West Sacramento. I’ve never run this area before so it was nice to run some where new. The rest of my course was downtown. It was a pretty random run as you can see.

Half Marathon Training Long Run – 6 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.



Tower Bridge. I really love this bridge.


Instagram version, other than Pinterest, Instagram is my favorite app!


So here are some of the random thoughts going through my head while on my run today:

  1. I am so sore from yesterday, this run is gonna be hard
  2. I love running in Sacramento!!
  3. Thinking of growing my hair out
  4. Oakland A’s opening day!!!!!
  5. Where am I going to watch the A’s tonight? I want Camp Fire Stout while I watch the game tonight…no one has that 😦
  6. Kitty!
  7. Yea, I’m going to grow my hair out
  8. Oh, she has really cute short hair. I like being different with my short hair…
  9. Man, slow run today 😦
  10. Dinner that my handsome man made last night was so yummy (ps here is the link, got the recipe from pinterest of course! Chicken & Asparagus Dinner)
  11. I want to move into a Victorian house with a porch, and have Sunday brunch on my porch
  12. Why doesn’t anyone stop for me at the cross walk!!?
  13. I’m sweaty, I love running and getting sweaty
  14. My second race this year is 1 week away!
  15. I’m jealous of those people’s porch
  16. Maybe I’ll go to a River Cat’s game this weekend (that is Sacramento’s baseball team)
  17. Almost done…

Here is my run stats for today. Burned lots of calories so maybe I’ll have a beer tonight 😉


Crazy hair and sweatiness!



3 thoughts on “What I thought about on my run today Part 3

    • There are always so many things going through your head when running!! I’d love to read what other people think about 🙂

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