Run Rocklin 12k – my first 12k!

I had my second run of the year yesterday – and thank goodness it was yesterday because today is crazy windy!! I love the wind, but it would be a pain in the ass running in this!


Here is my bib & shirt from the race. I have seriously been wanting to find out how you design shirts for races, I could do a much better job than this. This is the same design used every year, the color of the shirt is the only thing that changes. How fun would that job be!!?


Johnson Springview Park, beautiful park in Rocklin.


Running across the finish!! This was a great race for me. I felt really strong and at mile 5 (with 1.5 miles to go) I decided to push it. Well, the funny thing is, lately towards the end of my races I don’t say to myself “Okay, now I’m going to pick up my pace and go all out” I just do it. Having it come naturally I guess is the best way to describe it. Which makes me happy!! I am really improving as a runner!


Run Rocklin 12k by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

I got 2 new PR’s during this run! Fastest 5k (26:35) and fastest 10k (55:07). Yay me!!! 🙂


No medals, but we got ribbons.


This is my cute little Miss Daisy Mae. I was called into work yesterday (boo – didn’t get to enjoy mimosas after the run). Lil’ Misses came along cause she needs medications. I also weighed her cause I’m trying to get her to lose weight. She’s 14lbs right now, I’ll keep you updated 😉 Even if you don’t care, cause I do!


Looking forward to my next race! Capitola Half Marathon May 19th!!



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