Blog Shout Out!

Hope everyone is having a great Friday so far! I’m excited because:

1. It is my last Friday grave shift!

2. Going to a friend’s wedding tomorrow

3. Women’s Fitness Festival Sunday, followed by a music festival along the Sacramento River

4. I’m testing out my new shoes today!!! I got a pair of Saucony Knivaras

Β I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by another great blogger Stacy. Her blog is The Complaining Runner
I love that name by the way!


The Liebster Blog Award is for blogs who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is German for: beloved, dearest, sweetheart, favorite…so I take it to mean favorite blog award πŸ˜‰ Here are the rules for receiving this award –

1. Recognizing the awesome blogger that nominated you

2. Write 11 things about yourself

3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger who nominated you asked

4. Nominate new bloggers

5. Write 11 questions of your own for the bloggers you nominate.

11 things about myself (this post is going to be full of lists!!):

1. Jonathan Carroll is my favorite author. If I could write books, I’d write like him. I also have a quote from one of his books tattooed on my back.

2. Speaking of tattoos, I have 6.

3. I LOOOVE food! French fries, cheese platters, pizza, ice cream – all favorites.

4. If some one offers me a beer it better be a good one. I don’t drink Coors, or Budweiser. Offer me a Campfire Stout & we’ll be BFFs for life!

5. I used to hate running outside & prefer treadmills. Now I love outdoor running & think running on treadmills is hard. Not because its boring, I sometimes find it physically harder.

6. I count cats when I run…I’m weird like that.

7. In case you haven’t read my blog and couldn’t tell I lOVE cats.

8. Ever since I was a kid I have wanted to travel to Vienna…and Jonathan Carroll lives there! I think we are destined to run into each other there! πŸ˜‰

9. A favorite summer past-time is going to baseball games. Go A’s!!

10. I don’t have tv service, but I HAVE to watch American Horror Story. When it’s on I go to my friend’s house to see it…we are obsessed!

11. I’d like to organize a race. I have ideas in mind, but I’m not ready to share that yet.

Questions from the blogger who nominated me:

1. Who is your fitness inspiration? This is a hard one, I guess I’d have to say anyone who puts in the work to stay healthy and look good! πŸ™‚

2. What is one thing you did everyday when you were 10, but now never do? Eat blocks of cheese. I still love cheese, but wouldn’t eat it in the huge chunks I use to.

3. What is your favorite brunch item? Hashbrowns, eggs & either bacon or sausage. With fruit.

4. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Pizza.

5. What is your greatest accomplishment? Running my first 10k, half marathon & marathon all in 1 year (2012).

6. If you had to spend 24 hours with either Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes who would you choose? Amanda Bynes when she was a kid.

7. What was your worst haircut? I had really long hair & wanted a bob just above my shoulders. The stylist cut my hair super straight, with uneven strands and it was almost to my ears! Thank god it grows back!!

8. Early bird or night owl? If it is getting up for a race, early bird.

9. What was the last book you read? A Handmaid’s Tale.

10.What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen a stranger do in public? A lady walking down the street was eating some kind of pastry. When she was done she just threw the paper it was in on the ground. I wish I would have pulled over and yelled at her to pick it up.

11. Apple or Android? Having had both I’d say Apple.

Now for my nominations!


Running Unplugged

Smell My Paw

Ja on the Run

Sorry, I don’t have more. The other blogs I follow have over 200 followers. These are all great though!

Questions for my nominated blogs:

1. What is your favorite book?

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

3. Beer or wine…or both?

4. What is your favorite season?

5. Which historical figure would you like to meet?

6. What decade – era – would you want to live in?

7. What is your favorite tv show?

8. Is there an age you wish you could go back to? What age & why?

9. Dog or cat person?

10. How many states have you visited?

11. What do you do when you’re in a bad mood to cheer yourself up?

That was fun! And such a great way to get to know other people and read other great blogs.

Alright, it’s almost time for me to go to bed…last night sift, yes!! But firstΒ here is a sexy picture of my new shoes. I got the Saucony Kinvaras. I’ve heard great things and have been wanting to try them out. So far I’ve only had the Saucony Guides. Which I love. I’ll wear these a few times and let you know what I think. So far I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and really liked them. A close out price of $70 made me like them even more. Check out REI right now for great deals. REI close out sale 2012 I’m not sure how much longer this sale is going on.


Finally, I have a race this Sunday! It is the first race that I have done more than once. I ran the Women’s Fitness Festival last year. It was while running this race that I decided to sign up for the California International Marathon last year. Good times!! I am looking to beat my 5k PR of 26:28 so wish me luck!


Capitola Half Marathon – 3 new PRs!!

I LOVE racing! There is a feeling you get when racing that you can only understand if you do it. I get so excited in the days leading up to a race. Then you have the 5:30 am (or earlier!) wake up calls, getting to the start of the race, but first standing in the LONGEST line ever to pee! Finally the race starts and you walk like a heard of cattle until you cross the starting line and finally get to run! If you’re lucky…sometimes it still takes a while to run, especially if you don’t start in waves. But all this is part of what I love!

This was such an amazing race for me, not only because I got to run along the beach through Santa Cruz & Capitola but I got 3 new PRs! My last half marathon I finished in 2:07:54 so I was really hoping for 2 hours with this half. I finished in…wait for it…wait for it…

1:55:49!! I ran a less than 2 hour half marathon! At mile 5 I was feeling great and started to pick up my pace. This worried me because I didn’t want to burn myself out but I felt so amazing that I just went with it. Then from mile 7 on my pace stayed below 9 minute miles. Maybe it’s the training, the dinner or breakfast I had, my tradition of wearing the shirt from my previous race (which I almost didn’t do because I hated last race’s shirt) or my fueling along this race or a combination of it all…all I know is I am super proud of myself!

Please check out my race:

Capitola Half Marathon by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.


Picking up my bib in Capitola



After the packet pick up we headed to a local brewery and did a little tasting, sadly nothing really stood out. Wait, maybe this helped fuel my race πŸ˜‰


Speaking of fueling, I usually use the GU energy gels for my training and races. Last time I went to Fleet Feet I saw the Roctane Ultra Endurance energy gels with caffeine, more sodium & potassium, and an amino acid blend and thought I’d try them out. I have to say I don’t drink caffeine and if I take a medication with caffeine in it I usually don’t feel very well, but these gels are amazing! I took the first at mile 3.5 and had so much energy by mile 4.5-5ish. I didn’t feel sick or shaky like I usually do with caffeine, I felt bright and alert and very energized. I would definitely recommend trying these out! GU Roctane Gels


Random views of the race


Oh, yea crossing the finish with a PR!

Along with a half marathon PR I got a 5k PR – 26:34 and a 10k PR – 53:43. Yea, I’m pretty fucking awesome.


Start/Finish race pic



My photographer, support team and boyfriend πŸ™‚


After the race we enjoyed Santa Cruz for the rest of the day. Which means tide pools, boardwalk rides, pizza and beer!



Pizza! Sad to say, another let down. I was told by a friend they have the best pizza. Not in my opinion. But still yummy.


If you can’t read the sign it says “Welcome Marathon Runners” uummm, and half marathon runners thank you very much! Its okay cause the beer was good! 99 Bottles of Beer


Next race Women’s Fitness Festival, Sacramento Ca