California International Marathon Training Take 2

Beginning tomorrow I will be back onto a training schedule. I have to say, these past 2 weeks have been really nice not having to train; just run whenever I want and how ever far I feel like running.

Here is my training schedule. Same as last year.


What isn’t going to be the same as last year is my lack of training. To be completely honest I didn’t train as well or as responsibly as I should have. I skipped out on long runs, didn’t do much cross training and didn’t stretch or ice my legs after a work out – until it was too late and I injured myself. I also wasn’t eating as well as I am now. The crazy thing is, is I was running a lot last year and doing a pretty good job but I was 137 ish pounds. I was up to 140 in December after injuring myself. Since December last year I have been eating well, exercising and overall trying to be more healthy. I’m down to 127.4 lbs. I have lost just over 12 lbs since December. I tried doing that all last year and couldn’t. It goes to show how far you can get with hard work and dedication.

This year I am dedicated. I will do my long runs, continue my cross training (weight training) and continue eating healthy. I have an amazing app that I’ve used to help me to control my portions (count calories). It is great too because I know how much protein, carbs, sugars…that I’ve eaten in a day. Lose it! is the app I use. Check it out!!

And check out how cute my cat Zahara is 🙂


I have 6 months of hard work ahead of me tomorrow! Having other races during my training helps me to stay focused and not get bored with months of running and nothing really going on in between. Here are a list of my upcoming races:

July 4th – Buffalo Chips July 4th 5-miler

July 13th – Davis MOOnlight Race Half Marathon (race is at 7pm, lets hope it isn’t too hot!)

November 3rd – US Half Marathon (I get to run across the Golden Gate Bridge!!)

November 10th – Clarksburg County 20 mile Run

November 28th – Run to Feed the Hungry

December 8th – California International Marathon!!

August – October look a little empty, I’m hoping to get some funds for a race during those months. I am also signed up for another marathon in 2014 already. Napa Valley Marathon, March 2nd. Yep, back to back marathons. Which may be my biggest motivation to get in the best shape of my life this year!


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