An Overdue Spotlight

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I received a submission for one of our Sunday Spotlights about 2 months ago, which I just now discovered buried in my inbox! The submission was from Haley Gonzalez, who just achieved a new 5k PR. I thought to myself, “This chick sounds so badass, I can’t possibly wait until Sunday to feature her.” So I present to you, our first ever, Friday Spotlight:



Haley was at the Women’s Fitness Festival in Sacramento, California.  She ran a 26:24 5k, her new PR, after being at a wedding, drinking wine all night, and cramping from mile .5 to mile 2! Goodness gracious, Haley, how did you manage to get through a 5k AND PR?!  Nonetheless, amazing work! It just shows us that no obstacle can stand in our way of achieving our running goals!

Also, apologies on the late post…better late than never, right?!

Have you ever ran a very…

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Running In Sacramento – Welcome To My City!

Today was my second short run this week before my birthday vacation this weekend. The training plan was only 2 miles, instead I ran just over 4. I’ve been wanting to post about running in Sacramento for a while so I finally am! The reason I haven’t is because I feel a little silly stopping my run to take pictures – if people were to see that is. Then I thought “F-it.” These days people take pictures of their food at restaurants ( I admit I am guilty of this myself, can I help it if I LOVE food?) Here is my course today. It is pretty random, I just wanted to run around and take pictures 🙂

CIM Training Short Run – 4 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

I ran around midtown/downtown area today. I love the neighborhoods I live around cause they’re nice and shaded!


Awesome mural near my apartment. I actually got to see them making it while I was taking a walk one day.


This is Mangia! Sorry the picture is so crappy, glare. If you want the best pastrami sandwich of your life you need to come here!! They are on the corner of Capitol & 18th. Seriously, best pastrami. They had a sign out today saying they are now serving beer & wine. Yet another reason to stop by 😉


This is 58 Degrees Wine Bar. The best wine bar in Sacramento. When they are open they set up tables and chairs outside. My friend and I like to go on Sundays and spend $$$. The great thing about going on Sunday is they don’t charge a corkage fee so all the bottles are $15 less. AMAZING!! They also have great food and the best cheese boards in Sacramento as well. (ps runner-up for cheese & wine is a newly opened place called The Rind – love the name – no picture of that place cause people were in it as I ran by and I didn’t want to be creepy). 58 Degrees is on 18th street between Capitol and L. The Rind is on L street between 18th & 19th. All these yummy places in such close proximity…its a dream come true…if you love food like I do!


I love living in a city that has cool painting/murals on buildings. Next time I’ll post more of those; there are some great ones in Sacramento. I Love this one! It is hilarious! Sadly, this place is closed. I never tried it but heard good things.


This is near the convention center downtown. I don’t know why these trees are painted blue, but I love it.


Finally, the end of my run was to the California State Capitol. Obviously I had to get some pictures here to show you all! This really is a great park. It is big, lots of plants, statues, areas to workout. There are always people running the perimeter of the park, I run here often myself. The rose garden is beautiful and smells great when you run by.


It is hard to make out, but this was my view running towards the Capitol.


I like to end my runs at my boyfriend’s place since it is closer to downtown than I am ( I’m more on the outskirts ;)).

This is Lilly. She is watching me type my blog at the moment. Doesn’t she look so excited??


Hope everyone has a great weekend! If you’re participating in any races good luck! Fun news: I just signed up for the Folsom Blues Half Marathon (Previously the Lake Natoma Four Bridges Half Marathon). It is all Johnny Cash themed, how could I not sign up for that?! I’ll be running it with my friend who got me into running. Our first half together, yet another reason I had to sign up 🙂

Speaking of races…here is the most unflattering race picture of me I think I have ever seen! From the Daivs MOONlight Half Marathon a few weeks ago. Go Me!!


And keep checking back for more about running in Sacramento!!


How Do You Display Your Medals?

As of right now my medal display is pretty unimpressive. Honestly, I never thought about displaying them until I moved into my downtown apartment. I actually almost threw away the first medal I got – ShamrockN’ Half Marathon in 2012. Yea, almost threw it away!! It never occurred to me to keep them and show them off.


So for now they hang from my bookshelf, but soon I will need to come up with something because not many more will fit.


After checking out Pinterest (for at least an hour…or two) I found some ideas that I really liked. The one I like the most is wrapping them around the boards. I can totally make this! I love being crafty & thanks to Pinterest my apartment is full of my craftiness!


Second runner up


My last find. I wouldn’t personally do this but the idea is cute.



Anyone have some cool, unique ways they display their medals? Do you even put them on display? I worry that one day I’ll have too many and then what? Actually, I know what I’ll do. There is this great charity called Medals4Mettle

What is the niche for Medals4Mettle?

M4M is a different kind of charity that does not seek to compete with other charities for valuable dollars. Medals4Mettle’s mission is to provide an opportunity for endurance athletes and runners to pay it forward by enabling the gifting and awarding of earned medals to others who demonstrate similar mettle, or courage, as they face life’s challenges. Nearly every dollar donated goes directly to buy ribbons and pay minor expenses associated with our 501c3 public charity. Each of our dedicated staff is an unpaid volunteer and we network by email and conference calls from our homes and personal offices around the world to accomplish our mission.

M4M links our website to numerous charitable organizations to offer medal winners the opportunity to identify a recipient prior to the event. It is also our hope that this will provide the runner the opportunity to get to know the recipient or a charitable cause, and learn more about the handicap, disease or other problem that they have faced so courageously. Only a portion of marathon runners run for a charity and M4M believes that the simple gifting of a finisher’s medal is a subtle but effective way to introduce the concept of charitable running.

Medals4Mettle offers everyone the opportunity to pay it forward. While we appreciate monetary donations to buy the ribbons that we affix to your donated medals, M4M will accept your medal without any cash donation. In this way, philanthropy is accomplished without the requirement for large monetary donations.

The above statement is from their website: Please check it out, I love this idea! Such a great way to give back.

CIM Training: Day 37 of 182

I got a pretty late start today on my run but I got in my 7 miles. Thank you weather for being tolerable this morning! My legs are still a bit sore from my race Saturday night so I’m glad I was even able to run today – and even more glad that tomorrow is a rest day! Another thing I am glad for: I have a personal masseuse (aka my boyfriend). I love not having to pay for a massage!

Alright, today I on my run I tried out a new product. The Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt . Since the Nathan Triangle Hydration Pack is awful for running (in my opinion) I went to Sacramento Fleet Feet , got a little pissed I had to spend more money, tried on the “no bounce” hydration belt, liked the way it felt, wished I would have seen this before I bought the pack, got a little mad again, then bought the damn belt. What are you gonna do? I still haven’t heard back from the company I bought the pack from, even though they are supposed to reply within 2 business days. Oh well.

Here it is: the Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt


Back view

This is the smaller of the 2 compartments to hold things in. I fit my phone and chapstick in here.


Here is the entire belt. In the second compartment I fit 4 gels and my car key. At the store, before buying it, I tried it out and stuffed it full of gels to see how it would compare to my gel fuel belt. I can fit 5 in here. Its snug, but they fit.


Front & back view


I like this belt a million times more than the hydration pack! It does bounce a bit, but if you tighten it (and next time I won’t put my phone in it) it won’t bounce. The water sloshes around – obviously – but there is no actual bounce. The belt also stays in place, unlike the hydration pack that would rise when you ran. I got my pace to an 8:30 min/mil to test it out and there was very little to no bouncing. With everything I was carrying in it today it was an extra 2.5 lbs, which will take some getting used to but I feel it is much better for my long runs than my hand-held water bottle – in case you don’t remember I don’t like to use the water bottle for more than 5 miles because it stresses my arm and shoulder. One thing you need to remember is when you are drinking from these bottles you need to rotate which bottle you drink from (left, right, left, right…). Point being you want to stay balanced, better for your running form & better for your hips.

Check out my run today:

CIM Training Long Run – 7 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Slow time, but I’m trying to take it easy in the warmer weather & being a bit sore.


And finally…you know you’re a runner when you have a runner’s tan!


The Davis MOONlight Half Marathon

Yesterday I ran my first night race. When I signed up I was super excited to be running a race at night…then I realized the race started at 7:00 pm, in July. So, wasn’t dark at the start but by 8-8:30 it started getting darker. And cooler! When I started the race it was about 91 degrees. At about mile 2.8 I already was cramping so bad I had to walk. I walked about 4 times during this race, which is a new PR!! The first half marathon I’ve had to walk, yay me! Seriously, I knew this was going to be hard and I WAS NOT trying or hoping to be getting any PR’s for this run. Just wanted to do something new and fun. Check out the course:

Davis MOONlight Half Marathon by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

IMG_6019 IMG_6020

Check me out…totally wearing my short shorts. These are yoga shorts, I’ve been wanting to get some of those small runner shorts. Hopefully they don’t chafe my ass like these did!

Start of the race



And I’m off!!


Finally done!!! – was the thought going through me head as I crossed the finish. This really was the hardest half marathon I’ve run. I don’t think I was well hydrated, and I probably didn’t eat properly before the race either. But like I said, It was fun 🙂



This has to be my favorite medal so far (other than my CIM medal of course). It is huge and glows in the dark!



Overall, I think this a great race. The course was pretty and took you through some really nice areas in Davis. It was hot in the beginning but not unbearable, especially if you hydrate and fuel properly. There were a few congestion problems along the course, and they ran out of water or Gatorade depending on what station it was. This was my biggest disappointment, running out of water. You know how many people to expect, you know its hot, you need have the proper amount of supplies.

Oh – and one more thing…if you’re a spectator…DO NOT BLOCK THE FINISH!!! This drives me absolutely crazy! I do not like to end my runs abruptly, especially at the end of the race when I am running my fastest. I don’t like running into people, trying to get my medal and water and not being about to get through a crowd. Please people, common courtesy! “You know we’re living in a society!” – if you know what that quote is from we can be best friends.

After the race we went to the University of Beer in downtown Davis. I’ve been wanting to check this place out & it did not disappoint. First off, how can you go wrong with a Mario picture made out of bottle caps??!



Secondly, they had High Water Brewery Campfire Stout. Only the most amazing beer ever. I would marry this beer if it were possible, I love it that much 😉



Tomorrow is my long run for the week (7 miles) and I have a new hydration belt I’ll be trying out. The hydration pack, unfortunately, isn’t working for me so I got the Nathan Trail Mix “no bounce” belt. I think I’m really going to like it. Fingers crossed!! I’ll let you know tomorrow!