Buffalo Chips July 4th 5 Mile Race

Today I ran a race in 82 degrees and 55% humidity. That may not seem terrible to some people but for here in Sacramento it is hot!! And if you read my previous post you saw that it has been 100+ for the last 6 days. All that aside, I still had a great time running.


My support team ❀❀


Me at the start. This is a great run put on by a local running club, the Buffalo Chips. It is also free. Pro: FREE Con: No shirt. The great course, volunteers and just being able to run out weighs the con πŸ˜‰

Buffalo Chips Running


Like I said, it was hot. I actually had to stop and walk twice. There were some people nice enough to get out their hoses and spray the runners as they went by. It was very much appreciated!!



Almost at the finish! I considered wearing my super-duper short yoga shorts that I wore to my Bikram classes but chickened out. Next race – Davis MOONlight Race – I will be wearing them. That will be another hot race.



Oh ice cold water…I love you!



I literally looked like I had just taken a shower after the race. And not because I was sprayed with water. I don’t think I’ve ever been that sweaty after a run. I LOVEDΒ it πŸ˜‰



Like I said, this was a hot & difficult race. At mile 2.5 I was wondering why the hell I decided to participate knowing how hot & humid it was. I then started thinking about the half marathon I have coming up next week. It will start at 7pm. Its called a night run but it will be hot and still light out at the start. I began to get worried that I wouldn’t want to do that race either or not want to finish it. Then came mile 4.8 and I could see the finish line. I got that great feeling of accomplishment, happiness, that “fuck yea I just ran that” feeling that I love getting at the end of a race. It was then I remembered why I race, even in 80+ degrees.

Buffalo Chips 5 miler 4th July Run by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Breakfast post run – Crepeville. It was AMAZING!Β 



Fun news: I am on instagram now! I’ll be posting pictures from my training and races…and probably my kids (cats). Check it out at –Β iamarunnergirl instagram



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