CIM Training: Day 37 of 182

I got a pretty late start today on my run but I got in my 7 miles. Thank you weather for being tolerable this morning! My legs are still a bit sore from my race Saturday night so I’m glad I was even able to run today – and even more glad that tomorrow is a rest day! Another thing I am glad for: I have a personal masseuse (aka my boyfriend). I love not having to pay for a massage!

Alright, today I on my run I tried out a new product. The Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt . Since the Nathan Triangle Hydration Pack is awful for running (in my opinion) I went to Sacramento Fleet Feet , got a little pissed I had to spend more money, tried on the “no bounce” hydration belt, liked the way it felt, wished I would have seen this before I bought the pack, got a little mad again, then bought the damn belt. What are you gonna do? I still haven’t heard back from the company I bought the pack from, even though they are supposed to reply within 2 business days. Oh well.

Here it is: the Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt


Back view

This is the smaller of the 2 compartments to hold things in. I fit my phone and chapstick in here.


Here is the entire belt. In the second compartment I fit 4 gels and my car key. At the store, before buying it, I tried it out and stuffed it full of gels to see how it would compare to my gel fuel belt. I can fit 5 in here. Its snug, but they fit.


Front & back view


I like this belt a million times more than the hydration pack! It does bounce a bit, but if you tighten it (and next time I won’t put my phone in it) it won’t bounce. The water sloshes around – obviously – but there is no actual bounce. The belt also stays in place, unlike the hydration pack that would rise when you ran. I got my pace to an 8:30 min/mil to test it out and there was very little to no bouncing. With everything I was carrying in it today it was an extra 2.5 lbs, which will take some getting used to but I feel it is much better for my long runs than my hand-held water bottle – in case you don’t remember I don’t like to use the water bottle for more than 5 miles because it stresses my arm and shoulder. One thing you need to remember is when you are drinking from these bottles you need to rotate which bottle you drink from (left, right, left, right…). Point being you want to stay balanced, better for your running form & better for your hips.

Check out my run today:

CIM Training Long Run – 7 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Slow time, but I’m trying to take it easy in the warmer weather & being a bit sore.


And finally…you know you’re a runner when you have a runner’s tan!



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