How Do You Display Your Medals?

As of right now my medal display is pretty unimpressive. Honestly, I never thought about displaying them until I moved into my downtown apartment. I actually almost threw away the first medal I got – ShamrockN’ Half Marathon in 2012. Yea, almost threw it away!! It never occurred to me to keep them and show them off.


So for now they hang from my bookshelf, but soon I will need to come up with something because not many more will fit.


After checking out Pinterest (for at least an hour…or two) I found some ideas that I really liked. The one I like the most is wrapping them around the boards. I can totally make this! I love being crafty & thanks to Pinterest my apartment is full of my craftiness!


Second runner up


My last find. I wouldn’t personally do this but the idea is cute.



Anyone have some cool, unique ways they display their medals? Do you even put them on display? I worry that one day I’ll have too many and then what? Actually, I know what I’ll do. There is this great charity called Medals4Mettle

What is the niche for Medals4Mettle?

M4M is a different kind of charity that does not seek to compete with other charities for valuable dollars. Medals4Mettle’s mission is to provide an opportunity for endurance athletes and runners to pay it forward by enabling the gifting and awarding of earned medals to others who demonstrate similar mettle, or courage, as they face life’s challenges. Nearly every dollar donated goes directly to buy ribbons and pay minor expenses associated with our 501c3 public charity. Each of our dedicated staff is an unpaid volunteer and we network by email and conference calls from our homes and personal offices around the world to accomplish our mission.

M4M links our website to numerous charitable organizations to offer medal winners the opportunity to identify a recipient prior to the event. It is also our hope that this will provide the runner the opportunity to get to know the recipient or a charitable cause, and learn more about the handicap, disease or other problem that they have faced so courageously. Only a portion of marathon runners run for a charity and M4M believes that the simple gifting of a finisher’s medal is a subtle but effective way to introduce the concept of charitable running.

Medals4Mettle offers everyone the opportunity to pay it forward. While we appreciate monetary donations to buy the ribbons that we affix to your donated medals, M4M will accept your medal without any cash donation. In this way, philanthropy is accomplished without the requirement for large monetary donations.

The above statement is from their website: Please check it out, I love this idea! Such a great way to give back.


4 thoughts on “How Do You Display Your Medals?

    • I like that idea. I wish I would have kept my bibs. I found a website that makes coasters out of race bibs. I love that idea!

  1. I have a wall where I pin them up with their corresponding bib also. And for some reason I also keep the safety pins that held the bib on too. The only medals that aren’t up are my Nike Women’s Marathon medals, I just put the bib up for those. I like all the ideas you have up there. The board would work well to display bibs as well.
    PS: I LOVE the cow medal (I collect cow things…many, many cow things). I actually went and looked up the race! Looks like I may be doing a half in Davis, CA this summer…(that is the correct one, yes? The Moonlight run in Davis, CA?)

    • The Moonlight race was fun! Hard because of the heat & the time of day – not used to night races, but they always had good medals. Especially if you like cows 🙂

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