An Overdue Spotlight

Thanks for featuring me on your blog! Very cool 🙂 Check out The Daily Runner peeps!

The Daily Runner

I received a submission for one of our Sunday Spotlights about 2 months ago, which I just now discovered buried in my inbox! The submission was from Haley Gonzalez, who just achieved a new 5k PR. I thought to myself, “This chick sounds so badass, I can’t possibly wait until Sunday to feature her.” So I present to you, our first ever, Friday Spotlight:



Haley was at the Women’s Fitness Festival in Sacramento, California.  She ran a 26:24 5k, her new PR, after being at a wedding, drinking wine all night, and cramping from mile .5 to mile 2! Goodness gracious, Haley, how did you manage to get through a 5k AND PR?!  Nonetheless, amazing work! It just shows us that no obstacle can stand in our way of achieving our running goals!

Also, apologies on the late post…better late than never, right?!

Have you ever ran a very…

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