Running In Sacramento – Cat Friends

What are cat friends? Let me explain it, since it is a word I came up with for all cats:


And since the entire cat population is my best friend I call all cats “cat friends”. Am I a crazy cat lady? Is that supposed to be a negative thing? I have 3 cats kids of my own, I work in the veterinary field (ER/Specialty hospital now, before that I was at an all feline practice), and I am good at reading/handling cats – for work purposes. I’m just gonna put it out there – I don’t think it is weird or crazy to love cats. So there. πŸ™‚

Obviously, I’m being silly (but also serious). Like I’ve said before I count cats on my runs. Just something I do to pass the time while I am running, and running in downtown/midtown Sacramento you see a lot of kitties. So I thought it would be funny to take pictures of the cats I see on my runs and post them for you all see & enjoy their cuteness.

I didn’t see any cats on my run today, maybe cause it was so early? Sacramento is supposed to get to 100 degrees today so I woke up at 5:30 am (yay me!!) to run. Today was my long run for the week; 12 miles. I decided to make it 13.1. My Garmin is currently being shipped to get replaced so I don’t have my course on Garmin Connect today, had to use Map My Run. Today’s run was pretty good though; even for cramping before mile 1 and having to walk because of that. I finished in 1:59:35, my second fastest half marathon time.

Okay…now onto what we all care about more…cats.

This is Norm. He is a famous Sacramento Cat. There is a sign at the coffee shop down the street that says so, so it must be official. Update: just read this online, looks like he is famous πŸ™‚ Norm Lopez – Famous Sacramento Cat


He is a fatty, which makes me really sad. I want to steal him and put him on a diet.Β Apparently he is on a diet, lets hope he (his owners) continue to do well with it! I see him whenever I run by, and people are always stopping to pet him or take pictures.


This is a handsome Bengal I came across at McKinley Park. I have a Bengal, they are not cheap. I was surprised to see him walking down the street.


Cat friend at the Fremont Community Garden


Night-time cat friend


This old kitty is adorable!! I see him/her pretty often too.


Cat across the street from my boyfriend’s place…he likes to follow us. I love cat meows!


This place I run by always has TONS of cats around! It’s like you have to own a cat to live there. They are kinda hard to see in the picture so I pointed them out for you to make it more obvious where they are. You’re welcome.


This cat friend is from the same place as above.


I’ve gotta say, sometimes I feel weird stopping my run to take pictures of cats. I’m sure people have seen me and wonder what the hell I am doing. Oh well.



Some cat friends are super friendly and like my pets…


…and some LOVE my pets and rub against my legsies


Some cat friends are too busy being cats to be bothered


Some cat friends are scaredy cats


And some aren’t too sure of me at first…



…then they want pets and attention πŸ™‚


Running in Sacramento…you never know what I’m going to post! I still have more fun things about running in Sac so keep checking back. Have a good week all!


3 thoughts on “Running In Sacramento – Cat Friends

  1. Love the “cat friends” moniker! And no, that does not make you a crazy cat lady, just means you have lots of friends. I think it is truly awesome that you spice up your runs with cat spotting, so very clever! Kind of like an endless “Where’s Waldo” game, except with cat friends!

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