My Perception

I realized something today. There is no distance to run that seems impossible to me (within reason). My long run tomorrow is 10 miles. While planning out my run I thought, “It’s only a 10 miler, that won’t be bad”. Only. Have you ever heard, “You know you’re a runner when ‘only’ becomes a part of your vocabulary.”? Well, I guess I am a runner because no matter what my long runs are, in my head I think of them as “only”.  It is a great feeling when you realize you can do whatever you want if you work hard for it. Working hard is something I’ve done my whole life – whether I liked it or not (thanks dad!).

I love running, I love training, I love all the hard work I’ve put into myself.

The end of this year is full of races for me. Eeeekkkk! Super excited! My race schedule for the rest of the year:

US Half Marathon on 11/3


 Clarksburg County 20 Mile Run on 11/10

10361_Clarksburg Country Run_R1_Approval

Run To Feed The Hungry 11/28 – the 20th Annual!


and the California International Marathon on 12/8


Its going to be  a great end of the year!

Folsom Blues Half Marathon


Today I ran the 1st annual Folsom Blues Breakout Half Marathon. It was a great race. Anyone considering for next year definitely should run it. It used to be called Natomas 4 Bridges Half Marathon (or something like that). The name, and the course have been changed a bit.

There was A LOT of up hill – which I actually don’t mind. I wish you could see on my Garmin Connect the route but for some stupid reason my Garmin stopped working properly around mile 2, then started back up again around mile 4. I’m a little upset about that & will be contacting Garmin to find out why that may have happened. Either way, you can kinda check things out – I did edit the mileage:

Folsom Blues Breakout Half Marathon by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Here I am headed towards the finish..uphill!





So I don’t have the official results just yet, but this was my best half marathon to date. I finished in 1:54:04. I was trying for a 1:45:00 – 1:50:00. I think if it wasn’t for the hills I would have killed it!


The medal doubles as a bottle opener. Now that is my kind of medal!!


That’s Life

This is going to be a venting post. You can stop reading now if you want to. 

Do you ever wish you had no responsibilities? Life was so simple as a kid. No work, bills, commitments…it was all so simple. I get so overwhelmed thinking about all I have to do. 

Can I be more of a complainer? The above was how I started this post. Then, thinking about what I was going to say, I began to get embarrassed. Even ashamed. I was going to talk about how busy I am and how stressed I am getting with all my commitments. Then I thought, “You are lucky to have commitments” “You are lucky to be doing what you love to do” “There are people in the world with real problems, stop complaining”. You know what, that made me feel better about my situation. I mean yea, I am still very busy and a little stressed, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.

I recently started my internship to become a fitness coach.  I am so excited! It gives me another reason to study hard with all my NASM stuff, pass my test & become a certified trainer.

I am still doing very well with my CIM training. I am faster and stronger than ever! Check out my short run from last night:

CIM Training Short Run – 3.5 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

I think a lot of my stress is coming from this weekend. I have to work overtime on Saturday, once I’m off I’m going to a friend’s wine party (poor me, I know). I haven’t seen these friends in a while & miss them so I already feel guilty about that & instead of studying I’m gonna be drinking wine – which also makes me feel guilty. On Sunday I have my internship starting at 8:30am. Then Sunday afternoon I have to run 18 miles for my CIM training, after my run I need to  try to get in some study time. Monday I need to dedicate all to studying, & strength training, oh and my internship. All of this are things I have chosen to do and want to do, but it still can be a lot to handle at times.

Now that I think about it, I’m sure a lot of my stress comes from studying for my personal trainer certification as well. I have 6 months to study and take the test, its been about 2 1/2 months so far. If you think about it 6 months is not a long time. Then the stress of taking that test & what if I don’t pass? I’d feel like I am letting myself down and the company I am doing in internship with as well.

I just need to take it one thing at a time – wise words from my boyfriend. We balance each other out quite well…or I guess I should say he keeps me from drowning in my worries 🙂

But no matter what…


More wise words, but this time from my uncle. He was a quadriplegic for the last 6 years of his life. When asked how he was doing his answer would be “I’ll be alright”. I still can’t get over that. If he can stay strong through those 6 years (of what I would consider hell) I can be strong through anything too. I got his quote tattooed on my arm to remind me of that. I’ll be alright – in my training, in my races and in my life. Thanks uncle Mando.