Folsom Blues Half Marathon


Today I ran the 1st annual Folsom Blues Breakout Half Marathon. It was a great race. Anyone considering for next year definitely should run it. It used to be called Natomas 4 Bridges Half Marathon (or something like that). The name, and the course have been changed a bit.

There was A LOT of up hill – which I actually don’t mind. I wish you could see on my Garmin Connect the route but for some stupid reason my Garmin stopped working properly around mile 2, then started back up again around mile 4. I’m a little upset about that & will be contacting Garmin to find out why that may have happened. Either way, you can kinda check things out – I did edit the mileage:

Folsom Blues Breakout Half Marathon by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Here I am headed towards the finish..uphill!





So I don’t have the official results just yet, but this was my best half marathon to date. I finished in 1:54:04. I was trying for a 1:45:00 – 1:50:00. I think if it wasn’t for the hills I would have killed it!


The medal doubles as a bottle opener. Now that is my kind of medal!!



6 thoughts on “Folsom Blues Half Marathon

  1. The medal is so awesome!!! And yr time is so good, congrats 😀 I hope to do my half-marathon in 2hrs, less than a month to go

  2. I will remind you what I had to remind myself after my marathon a couple of weeks ago … a PR is a PR, no matter how ugly! 🙂 Great job and it looked like fun. Always love cool medals as well.

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