My Perception

I realized something today. There is no distance to run that seems impossible to me (within reason). My long run tomorrow is 10 miles. While planning out my run I thought, “It’s only a 10 miler, that won’t be bad”. Only. Have you ever heard, “You know you’re a runner when ‘only’ becomes a part of your vocabulary.”? Well, I guess I am a runner because no matter what my long runs are, in my head I think of them as “only”.  It is a great feeling when you realize you can do whatever you want if you work hard for it. Working hard is something I’ve done my whole life – whether I liked it or not (thanks dad!).

I love running, I love training, I love all the hard work I’ve put into myself.

The end of this year is full of races for me. Eeeekkkk! Super excited! My race schedule for the rest of the year:

US Half Marathon on 11/3


 Clarksburg County 20 Mile Run on 11/10

10361_Clarksburg Country Run_R1_Approval

Run To Feed The Hungry 11/28 – the 20th Annual!


and the California International Marathon on 12/8


Its going to be  a great end of the year!


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