Happy Running Anniversary!

As I type this there is 2 days 9 hours & 46 minutes until the California International Marathon. It’s all I’ve been thinking about, talking about and training for for the past 6 months. I would say sorry to everyone for probably talking about it too much but…1. I’m usually asked, then I start talking and 2. I’m not sorry.
This will be my second CIM. Last year I didn’t know what I was getting into, but this time I do. And I am so ready!
December 4, 2011 was the first time I watched, or had even heard of the California International Marathon. That day I knew that I was going to be a runner. I wish I could explain the feeling I had watching all the runners. Most important, I believe, was the feeling of being inspired.
It’s funny when I tell people I’m running a race, then ask if they want to come watch. Why do I think people would be interested to see other people run? Do they enjoy it? I mean, other than family or other runners? I know I did. Being a spectator was how I got into running. Maybe I’m hoping I’ll inspire some one to start running. Or find something they love as much as I love running…it’s a nice thought šŸ˜‰
Happy running anniversary to me! And thanks to all my family, friends and strangers – or blog friends – for your support and kind words! CIM here I come…



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