California International Marathon 2013

What a difference a year makes!! Last Sunday was the California International Marathon. It was my second time running it and my second marathon ever. First, I wanna get this out there…I finished 1 hour and 25 minutes faster than last year!! According to my Garmin (which stopped working for a few miles – they will be hearing about that!!) my time was 4:18:30. On the CIM website my time is 4:20:50. Check out the race on my Garmin Connect

California International Marathon 2013 by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

In case you didn’t notice, the weather was 27 degrees at the start of the race. It was FREEZING!!! There was snow on the buses when they came to pick us up! My boyfriend is the best, he braved the weather with me to wait for the buses.



About to start!




My mom, dad and boyfriend came to bring me food at a few different areas throughout the race. How awesome is my face in this picture? Haha…I was handing off my jacket to my mom & telling my boyfriend I was starving. This point was only mile 8. I didn’t eat enough breakfast. I am going to really have to work on fueling properly. Especially since my next race is the Napa Valley Marathon and I won’t have anyone with food waiting for me along the course.



And I’m off again with my banana & pretzels in hand!



Over all I really enjoy this race. The course is beautiful – except through Carmichael, which is a shame. Despite the temperature being below freezing there were people out there cheering us on pretty much the entire way! Thank you to all the spectators. It really makes me feel good, gives me more energy and motivation to do a good job. There were a few points in the race when I started crying. I was just so happy that I was doing a MILLION times better than last year.

Around mile 16 I was starting to struggle. I kept thinking how f-ing hard running a marathon is & I can’t believe I have 2 more lined up for next year. But I had to stop all that negative thinking. I was not going to let me get to myself. Then I felt my phone vibrate so I checked it (haha, yea, I did) and it was my friend Kisha. She said, “You are such an inspiration and I hope you are warm!” It made me feel so good to read that and gave me an extra boost to keep thinking positive thoughts. There were a few times when I wanted so badly to walk but at this point I was around mile 22 so I would not let myself. There was only 4.2 miles left and I was not going to give in! It was around that time I had some one yell to me “Good job run to feed the hungry, keep it up!” (I was wearing that race shirt) again, THANK YOU complete strangers for the encouragement!

When we rounded the corner to get to L street we were at about mile 24 and at 25th street so I started counting down the blocks from there. At mile 25 I felt amazing and started to sprint. At mile 26 I started to cry again and had a huge smile on my face – I’m sure I looked ridiculous – but I was so damn happy! Turing the corner to the finish I was sprinting down the chute. It was truly an amazing feeling. Last year I pretty much hobbled across the finish.

Great shots my photographer (boyfriend) got of me crossing the finish. I can’t wait for the official race photos!




Me and my support dog!



Here is a secret if you’re racing in Sacramento & want to celebrate. 58 Degrees!! Sundays they have $15 off bottles and THE BEST cheese platters in Sacramento. And they aren’t crazy packed like all the other places downtown. I think it is because it is so early and no one thinks to go there. All I know is I am in love with this place since I first started coming over a year ago.





CIM 2013 medal. Hate to say it but not a fan, last year’s was better.



Now the race I’ve trained for these past 6 months is over, I am now sick 😦 (at least is was after the CIM!) and I am taking a break from training for the rest of the month. Next up Napa Valley Marathon!!


16 thoughts on “California International Marathon 2013

    • It isn’t easy when you start, but if you stick to it it gets better. Not necessarily easier though 🙂 I’ve loved it from the start – which is lucky for me. Good luck running!

    • Awesome!! That’s is a great time for a first marathon. I wonder if everyone who runs marathons gets hooked? 🙂 Probably not, but it is addicting!

  1. Congratulations on a fantastic race! Very exciting that you have your next marathon lined up at Napa Valley! My husband is racing that one, and I’ll be out there to cheer him on!

    • Thank you! I joined the SF Marathon group, so we will meet soon 🙂 it will he nice having other people to train with for that one. I’m a little intimidated by those hills!

    • That’s crazy! We were so close 🙂 I am super excited for my next marathon…after last year’s CIM I never wanted to run another again but I’m addicted.

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