First Race Of 2014

Today I ran the Super Sunday Race 10k – my first race of 2014. I know I said that Napa Valley Marathon was going to be my first race but I signed up for this last minute. I’ve been dying to run a race.



When I woke up this morning I wasn’t too excited for my race. I don’t know what that was all about, but even at the start I wasn’t too into it. After a few miles though I was feeling good and wanted to make this race my best 10k. Which was my original plan anyway.

I ran the first few miles with Stephanie,  a runner from the #9run6 group (she blogs too, check her out at Probably around mile 4 I was feeling good and picked up my speed, so I ran the rest of the race solo. But we got a picture at the end. Sweaty and feeling good! Represent #9run6!!


And I PR’d!! My best 10k time yet!


I ran this race in 2012 – my first 10k ever. The course was a bit different this year. It ended on the field which I thought was pretty cool. Spectators had to stay on the bleachers though so my photographer (boyfriend) didn’t get as good of pictures as he usually does but not too bad 🙂




Crossing the finish!


I’m pretty happy with my race today. 6th in my age group (of 68) not bad!!

Check out my race today :

Super Sunday Run 10k by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.


To reward myself I got some new running pants. Old Navy $27. This my second pair I’ve gotten at Old Navy. They last forever and they are SUPER comfy!


Just so everyone can enjoy what I enjoy when I come home…



6 thoughts on “First Race Of 2014

  1. Congrats on the PR girlie! So happy for you! I wish you would have pulled away sooner, I felt bad holding you up! But I’m glad you got the PR and the new running pants! It was fun to chat and run together! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend and see you at #9run6 on Wednesday!

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