San Francisco Marathon Training: Day 7 of 126

Week 1 of 18 done! I started training for the San Francisco Marathon on Monday, so far so good :). I am super excited about training for this marathon for a few reasons:

1. I am running the SF Marathon on my 30th birthday!!

2. I have met some awesome people through social media that I am training with.

3. I am using the Hansons Marathon Method of training.


I have talked briefly about my new training schedule, a lot of people have heard of it and have used it. I’ve heard nothing but good things from people that have used the Hansons training plan. I have chosen to do the beginner’s plan. I feel that I am a pretty good runner and I have improved quite a bit (CIM 2012 – 5:44:xx, my first marathon. Napa Valley 2014 – 3:56:51, my most recent) but I still have a lot of learning/training to do before I would consider myself advanced.

This training plan is 18 weeks long (the first marathon training plan I used was 6 months!). It consists of easy runs, long runs, and what they call SOS workouts (something of substance) which are speed, strength and tempo runs. Without getting into too much detail this training plan is based on science and physiological evidence. I became certified as a personal trainer through NASM right before reading this book. I am glad it worked out that way because I completely understood EVERYTHING they were talking about when they explained how and why this plan works. It all made perfect sense. I will be running 6 days a week – starting at week 6 – and my weekly mileage ranges from 10 (first week, although this week I ran 25.62 miles) to 57 miles. Some people have told me running 6 days a week is too much. Not the way this plan has you running. Not if you understand how this plan works. And not if you are smart about your training. On a side note, if you think running everyday is bad for you go check out my friend Chris Malenab. He is on day 475 of his running streak.

I haven’t used this plan yet, but after the San Francisco Marathon I’ll let you know if I recommend it or not. I’m 99% sure I will 🙂

Here is my run from today. It was supposed to be an easy 4 miles, I made it a little over 5. My easy runs are supposed to be around 9:15-10:15/mi since my goal time is 8:15/mi. But it is really hard for me to run that slow! I was trying
SF Marathon Training Easy Run – 5 Miles .


Gear Review: Ultimate Direction Jenny Collection

One of the great perks of being a ZOOMArun Napa Valley ambassador is FREE gear! Perks that I wasn’t expecting by the way…so cool!! Recently I came home to a package from Ultimate Direction. Here is a little info about the company from their website: About Ultimate Direction

The hand-held bottle and waist pack are the 2 products I was sent. They are from the Jenny Collection. Here is the info about the Jenny Collection: Ultimate Direction Jenny Collection


First of all, I just want to say this pack is awesome! It is their Meow pack – I LOVE the name 😉 But seriously, the name isn’t the only thing that makes me like this pack. It is lightweight, fits comfortably around my waist and a decent size. I fit 1 gel, my chapstick and cell phone (iPhone) in it. There was room for a bit more too.


  1. Good quality
  2. Not bouncy (which is very important to me. I’ve had some packs that were crazy bouncy & impossible to run with)
  3. Easy to access what I need.
  4. Comfortable
  5. Comes with a hair tie – once my hair is long enough I’ll be using that tie!!


  1. The straps aren’t stretchy. It didn’t make it uncomfortable but I like my other pack that has stretchy straps
  2. Moves when running, but not much. I haven’t had a waist pack yet that does’t move when I run, so that wasn’t unexpected. If I tighten the strap it wouldn’t move – but I didn’t do that cause it gave me a muffin top.


The water bottle is Handy 10. It is smaller than the other bottle I have, but I actually liked the size. It was pretty lightweight also. It carries 10oz of water.


  1. Good size for short runs.
  2. Lightweight and didn’t make my hand/forearm numb (this has happened with my heavier hand held).
  3. Comes with a zippered stretch mesh pocket for your belongings.
  4. Also comes with a hair tie!


  1. Leaks water – I tightened the cap, make sure the nozzle wasn’t open but it did leak a little.
  2. There is a strap to tighten the bottle on your hand that kept coming loose – my other hand-held does that also.


As you can see there are more cons than pros. I would definitely recommend these to runners interested in carrying water, phones, gels, food…with them on their runs. Here are a few pictures of how the pack and bottle look on.




I want to say thank you to Ultimate Direction for the gear!! It was an unexpected and greatly appreciated gift just for being a ZOOMArun ambassador.

Also, as a reminder if you are interested in running ZOOMArun Napa Valley use code NAMB6 when registering. It is good for 10% off the 10k and half marathon. See you June 28th in Napa!

ZOOMArun Napa Registration

Napa Valley Marathon 2014

Today I ran my first of 3 marathons this year. I ran the Napa Valley Marathon . I don’t even know where to start…so I supposed I will start at the expo.


I got into town yesterday and went to the Marriott to pick up my bib & bag. The expo was nice, I never spend too much time there cause there are too many races to sign up for and I don’t have the money to spend. Haha. But seriously. (Quick side note: speaking of signing up for races, I signed up for the CIM. 3rd year!!). So I picked up my bag, bib and shirt and was very surprised! I knew we were getting duffel bags but wasn’t expecting such big, nice ones!


IMG_9166 IMG_9167


After picking up my things I met up with fellow  ZOOMArun Napa Valley  ambassador  Miriam . We went out to lunch and talked running. It was so nice to meet her. She also volunteered at the Napa Marathon so I got to see her again as I crossed the finish line – and I wish I would have thought to get a picture!! But we’ll be running ZOOMArun in Napa together so we will get a chance then 🙂

The race started out a little cloudy but was still very nice running weather. It did begin to lightly rain, I don’t even remember when, but it wasn’t bad. It was no 2012 CIM monsoon, that’s for sure! 😉



I don’t know if you can really tell, but these people had a bubble machine. It was pretty fun running through bubbles!


So I am SUPER proud of myself with my race today. My goal was 4 hours and I finished in 3:56:51!! My new marathon PR! The first 8 miles I was staying around a 9:11 min/mi. I was feeling good so I decided the next 8 miles I would pick it up a little. I thought I was doing about 8:55-9:00 but looking at my time now I was actually about 9:10. So yea, I picked it up a little. But at least for miles 17-26.2 I was running about an 8:50min/mi. I wanted to be a bit faster but about mile 22 I slowed down again because I was TIRED!! Marathons are hard! I really had to keep talking to myself and telling myself I can do it.

Here is the race:

Napa Valley Marathon 2014 by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Crossing the finish!!

IMG_9171 IMG_9172

So I just want to say, the best feeling – well first, the worst feeling is starting a race and having EVERYONE pass you! I started to doubt my pace and wonder if I would even meet my goal. Now to the best feeling, PASSING a large majority of those people at the middle to the end of the race. I love doing that. And when I mean passing I was seriously smoking them! A lot of people were even walking towards the end. The course did have some rolling hills for the first 6 miles, and a few after that. Around mile 19 was the last hill. In my opinion the hills were nothing. I hardly noticed them. Maybe I was going too slow up them? Either way, they didn’t bother me much.

I can’t wait to get some official pictures at the finish. I didn’t take any myself. Which I am kinda sad cats about. I guess I was just so happy, excited, and tired that it really didn’t cross my mind.

 My first medal of 2014!