Napa Valley Marathon 2014

Today I ran my first of 3 marathons this year. I ran the Napa Valley Marathon . I don’t even know where to start…so I supposed I will start at the expo.


I got into town yesterday and went to the Marriott to pick up my bib & bag. The expo was nice, I never spend too much time there cause there are too many races to sign up for and I don’t have the money to spend. Haha. But seriously. (Quick side note: speaking of signing up for races, I signed up for the CIM. 3rd year!!). So I picked up my bag, bib and shirt and was very surprised! I knew we were getting duffel bags but wasn’t expecting such big, nice ones!


IMG_9166 IMG_9167


After picking up my things I met up with fellow  ZOOMArun Napa Valley  ambassador  Miriam . We went out to lunch and talked running. It was so nice to meet her. She also volunteered at the Napa Marathon so I got to see her again as I crossed the finish line – and I wish I would have thought to get a picture!! But we’ll be running ZOOMArun in Napa together so we will get a chance then 🙂

The race started out a little cloudy but was still very nice running weather. It did begin to lightly rain, I don’t even remember when, but it wasn’t bad. It was no 2012 CIM monsoon, that’s for sure! 😉



I don’t know if you can really tell, but these people had a bubble machine. It was pretty fun running through bubbles!


So I am SUPER proud of myself with my race today. My goal was 4 hours and I finished in 3:56:51!! My new marathon PR! The first 8 miles I was staying around a 9:11 min/mi. I was feeling good so I decided the next 8 miles I would pick it up a little. I thought I was doing about 8:55-9:00 but looking at my time now I was actually about 9:10. So yea, I picked it up a little. But at least for miles 17-26.2 I was running about an 8:50min/mi. I wanted to be a bit faster but about mile 22 I slowed down again because I was TIRED!! Marathons are hard! I really had to keep talking to myself and telling myself I can do it.

Here is the race:

Napa Valley Marathon 2014 by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Crossing the finish!!

IMG_9171 IMG_9172

So I just want to say, the best feeling – well first, the worst feeling is starting a race and having EVERYONE pass you! I started to doubt my pace and wonder if I would even meet my goal. Now to the best feeling, PASSING a large majority of those people at the middle to the end of the race. I love doing that. And when I mean passing I was seriously smoking them! A lot of people were even walking towards the end. The course did have some rolling hills for the first 6 miles, and a few after that. Around mile 19 was the last hill. In my opinion the hills were nothing. I hardly noticed them. Maybe I was going too slow up them? Either way, they didn’t bother me much.

I can’t wait to get some official pictures at the finish. I didn’t take any myself. Which I am kinda sad cats about. I guess I was just so happy, excited, and tired that it really didn’t cross my mind.

 My first medal of 2014!




15 thoughts on “Napa Valley Marathon 2014

    • Thank you! I’m hoping San Francisco won’t be too hard because of the hills. But I think I’ll do pretty well at the CIM again 🙂 what’s your next race?

      • I’m working on figuring that out still. I’ve been a little slow to get going this year, but hopefully something fun in April or May. I’m also considering training up to be able to run birthday miles (30!) in July.

  1. Your birthday is July 27th right? I think I remeber we have the same bday. I am running the SF Marathon and plan on doing 30 miles too (so I will have to add to the marathon). You should run it too!!

  2. Great blog!
    I was just looking at some of your older posts about incorporating Bodyrock tv workouts with your marathon training. I have just started training for a half in May and want to start 3 days of strength using these workouts. Could you recommend any of the workouts that you liked to do along with running? Some of the Bodyrock challenges require 5-6 days and I don’t think I can hack that while training!

    • Thanks!! I don’t use the BodyRock website as much anymore. It got too weird & wasn’t as much about exercise anymore. There is a really good book I recently got a book by Jeff Horowitz called Quick Strength for Runners. You should check it out.

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