San Francisco Marathon Training: Day 32 of 126

Uggg…That was how my run started out today. I’ve been going through a phase of bad runs. Maybe not bad runs, but running has seemed hard for me lately. I have the motivation to go out there and do it, but I feel like I’m running in water! It’s really stupid and I want it to be over.

I am in week 5 of my San Francisco Marathon training. Like I have said before I am using Hansons Marathon Method for my marathon training this time around. I am loving the plan so far! Next week I start my speed workouts. F-yeah!! And since the track I wanted to go to is closed I had to get a new Garmin – yeah, I had to. I mean come on – I can make workouts and send them to my Garmin. No need for a track! Plus I get a signal super crazy fast…yep, it was time for an upgrade.


Here is my training run for today. It was really hard to get started, but towards the end I was feeling better.

 SF Marathon Training Easy Run – 4 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

94 more days until the San Francisco Marathon!! My 4th marathon, on my 30th birthday! It is going to be awesome!! This calls for a shit load of exclamation marks!!!!!!

 Part of my training, as you all know, is going to my November Project Sacramento workouts every Wednesday morning. This week we switched it up! We met at River Walk Park in West Sacramento. I love this spot! Great views of the river, the Tower Bridge, Old Sac…stairs to run, running paths. Lots of opportunities for a great workout!

NP SMF Tribe!



 Getting those stairs!



So come out to our new location at River Walk Park in West Sac!! Wednesday 6:25am – meet under the River Walk sign! See ya there!

FINALLY – Running Shoes I Love

A few months ago (or so) I was chosen to be an ambassador for ZOOMArun Napa Valley . I was super excited to support and promote this awesome race! I was excited at getting to know the other ladies that were chosen, meet runners, go to expos and just have a good time! Little did I know I would find what I have been looking for (and thought I found). Running shoes that I LOVE!

Altra is a sponsor of ZOOMArun – along with Feetures! Performance Socks  Honest Tea  Barefoot Wine & Bubbly  Cytomax  Ultimate Direction  Athleta  California Half and Full Marathon Series . When I found out we would be getting a pair of shoes from Altra I thought that was super cool, but I would probably just wear them as my cross training shoes, since I already had shoes I liked. Then came Monday. I got the shoes delivered to my door and decided to try them out.


My cat REALLY liked the box they were delivered in! She slept in it for a few hours.


Not bad-looking!


 Once I put my foot into these shoes I knew I would love them. They were seriously the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I remember my first time trying on running shoes, trying to decided which I liked best and the sales lady telling me to pick the ones that “feel like you are not wearing shoes”. I thought that was a weird thing to say. Obviously it is going to feel like I am wearing shoes because I am. Once I stepped into the Altra Intuition 1.5 I knew what she meant.


After my 4 mile tester run I went to my local Fleet Feet and bought another pair. Now I have a pair for racing and a pair for training 🙂  The model I have is the older model. They have The Intuition 2.0 out now. I have to be honest though, they are ugly!! I don’t know what the hell they were thinking when they designed them but I hope they change back to the 1.5 look. They feel different too, more cushion. Which I am sure some people like, but I REALLY want the next model to be more like the version I have. PLEASE Altra change them back!



These shoes are a zero drop (which means means there is no drop from the heel of the shoe down to the forefoot). They allow for a more natural way of running that is more efficient and prevents common running injuries. If you wear a more traditional shoe, you will have to slowly transition these shoes into your running routine. For more info about Altra running shoes click here —-> Altra Running Shoes FAQ

Also, don’t forget to register for ZOOMArun Napa Valley. There is a 10k and half marathon option. Use code NAMB6 for 10% off registration! Click here to register!

Product Review: Energybits

Have you heard of ENERGYbits? I have known about them for a few months now and finally decided to give them a try. I got them last Thursday and couldn’t wait to see what they were all about!


Since becoming focused on my overall health (not just being skinny!) but strong and eating better, and since starting my training to become a fitness coach I am super interested in products, foods…that are good for our bodies. We need to treat out bodies right – inside and out if we want to live long, happy, healthy, STRONG lives. I don’t know about you, but I want to be able to be RUNNING (not just walking) when I am in my 80’s, 90’s…I don’t want to be on a ton of medications. I don’t want heart disease, diabetes or other health issues.

This is why when I went to the Energybits website and read the following I knew I had to try their product:

“It all began when we learned that 97% of chronic illnesses in America were being caused by nutritional deficiencies. We felt we had to do something! Not only are these nutritional deficiencies making us sick, so are the toxins in our food, water, air, and well everything. These toxins accumulate every day in your body and if you don’t have the right nutrition, your poor little immune system isn’t strong enough to get rid of them. Over the last thirty years, most of us have been experiencing deteriorating health, lower energy, more weight gain, more chronic illness and more depression. And it’s getting worse. Young people are now getting illnesses that used to be found only in the elderly. Even teenagers are now being diagnosed with high blood pressure, heart disease and worse, cancer.

We decided this was not only unacceptable but frightening. It doesn’t have to be this way. Your body and your immune system can and should be strong all of your life. Your grandparents probably lived healthy, active lives well into their 90’s and you should too. But in North America we live a fast paced life and don’t have time to cook or learn how to eat healthy. Eating processed or fast foods have become our way of life. But it’s not healthy. So we decided to find a solution for you. We knew it had to be fast, simple and super easy. We also knew it had to give you all the greens, protein, vitamins and minerals you need each day, recharge your immune system, remove toxins, supercharge your energy and give you back your health. Say hello to your new best friend. Algae!” – About Us.

My cat was pretty excited too!



Not only do you get 2 samples of Energybits, they also give you a bunch of information about their product. And just to give you an idea about the nutritional benefits of algae:

Nutritional highlights of Spirulina:

Ten times the amount of bio-available protein as steak
Contains 64% protein compared to meat (22%)
More beta carotene than carrots
48 times more iron than raw spinach
12 times more iron than beef liver
Richest source of antioxidants – necessary for health, and anti-aging
Richest source of vitamin A (which helps your eyesight)

Richest plant source of GLA (an Essential Fatty Acid similar to Omega 3)


 When it was time for me to try these bits I was surprised I would be taking 30 tablets. I hate taking pills (which these are not, they are tablets of food) but it was still not too easy for me to do. They also smell just like fish food. Gross. However, if you swallow 4-5 at a time with some water and DON’T chew them you can’t even taste them. I was also worried I’d be burping up fish burps…but don’t worry. That’s not a problem either 🙂


What I think:

I first took the bits before a 5 mile training run. I felt energized and my run was strong. I also want to mention I ran after work, which usually means I am tired and my runs don’t feel strong – I work at a veterinary hospital so I am on my feet ALL day. The second time I tried them was before my race yesterday. Once again, I had the issue of not wanting to eat anything before my race. I choked down about half of a trail mix bar and took 30 energy bits. Now I am not saying that is the proper way to fuel before a race, but for me the Energybits seemed to really work. Considering I didn’t eat much before my race I finished my 10 miler in 1:22:40 – about an 8:15ish pace. I even got a new 10k PR of 50:39.

I am going to be ordering more and see if they continue to help my runs/workouts. I will also be taking them to work as quick snacks on the go. So far so good, but I am still trying them out. If you want to try Energybits out too leave a comment and I will pick a random winner. Winner will be announced by the end of the week! If you don’t want to wait to win some bits go ahead and contact Jonathan Levitt —->

ENERGYbits are only available at, and Jonathan (their Community Manager) has shared with me that he’d be happy to connect anyone with a current ambassador to share a discount on a bag of bits, or more info on their sample program – you can email him at


Credit Union SacTown 10 Mile Run


I had a race today that, honestly, I forgot I had signed up for! It is a smaller race than I am used to in Sacramento, but still a fun one. This was my first time running the SacTown 10 Miler – as I like to call it. Its real name is too long. Running Downtown/Midtown Sac is always fun.

IMG_9467My photographer (bf) got some great action shots. Like always 🙂


 This race starts near and ends right in front of the State Capitol. Here is the course:

Credit Union SacTown 10 Mile Run by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.


This race was pretty awesome for me. Although I did start cramping about mile 2 and was worried I wasn’t going to make it at the pace I wanted. My goal was to stay below 8:30/min and I did it! It wasn’t easy. I am pretty proud!! When I wanted to slow down I thought of my training, my  soon to be coaching positing, and my uncle and I knew I couldn’t slow down. I needed to push myself to prove I can run faster than I usually let myself. I know I hold myself back and I didn’t want to do that this time.


As you can see at mile 9 I gave it all I had. There was a lady that I was racing (in my head we were racing) pretty much the whole time. I would get ahead of her, then she’d get ahead of me…around mile 8 I thought, “Fuck it, I’ll let her win”. Right after I thought, “What the fuck am I saying? I’m not letting her win”. So I started running as fast as I could and killed it!! I didn’t even see her when I finished. I win!! 😉

There was also another lady that I was coming up on right at the finish so I decided I wanted to beat her too. I did. I love the end of races. I have so much adrenaline! Every race I run I am passing everyone during the last 2-3 miles.

Here is me passing the lady in black at the end. Hell yes.



Unofficial finish time of 1:22:40


 My newest medal to hang! Oh, and did you notice my hair is TIED BACK!! I totally have a stump pony tail but whatever. The only other race I’ve tied my hair back for was my first half marathon 2 years ago!! So exciting…its the little things (the little things, there’s nothing bigger is there? <— Vanilla Sky quote. If you knew that you’re awesome. Love that move…I know, I know. Tom Cruise is crazy).


On a final note —–> keep an eye out for my next blog this week. I tried a new product (on a training run, and before this race) that I want to share with you all! Its called Energy Bits. Check out their website here: Powered By Bits  and read my review tomorrow!