San Francisco Marathon Training: Day 70 of 126

If you have ever trained for a race, or you currently are you know that there are good days and bad days. Today wasn’t a good day. BUT I am not upset about it. My training schedule had me running 16 miles today. My plan was to run 8 this morning before a meeting at work, then 8 more after my meeting. Here is this morning’s run:

SF Marathon Training Long Run – 3.5 miles (run 1 of 2) by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Here is my run after the meeting:

SF Marathon Training Long Run – 6.5 miles (run 2 0f 2) by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

As you can see my runs totaled 10 miles. But like I said, I am  not upset about it. Why? Because I know when I need to rest my legs (a lesson I learned the hard way). I have been stretching & rolling like crazy. I took an ice bath today too…my first time! It really made a difference. I foresee a lot of those in my future.


I put on my bathing suit, then a sweater and suffered through a 15 minute FREEZING bath.


Another reason I am not upset is because I know I can run a marathon. I’ve run 3 – not that 3 is a lot – but I have also run 20 mile races, half marathons and lots of long runs that were 14+ miles. The distance isn’t going to be a problem for me. I am using a new training plan, Hansons Marathon Method, that is having me run a lot more than I ever have before! My mileage last month was 157.52. With previous training plans my monthly mileage was closer to 110. It’s quite a difference and I am just now getting into my higher volume runs. I’ve realized I will have to switch up my training schedule, but I won’t be stopped! There are 56 more days until the San Francisco Marathon and I want this to be my best marathon yet! (Also, in case I haven’t mentioned it enough, that will be my 30th birthday too…I can post a list of things I’d like if anyone is interested 😉 ).

So tomorrow was supposed to be my first strength run, but I am doing an easy 5 miles instead and changing my strength run to Friday. I also have a half marathon this Sunday – Women’s Fitness Festival my first half this year!! – so that will be my tempo run for the week. Wish me luck, I plan on setting a new PR at that race!



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