San Francisco Marathon Training: Day 105 of 126

Oh boy. My life has been pretty busy lately…and by busy I mean CRAZY and stressful as hell at work and with my other part-time jobs. I have been doing pretty well with my training, but I am sad to say these past 2 weeks I have really been slacking. I don’t know why. I know stress has been a huge part of it, and being tired. Usually I can train through that and it makes me feel better. However, lately I feel like my marathon training is just another thing for me to be stressed about.

Obviously this is upsetting to me. I don’t want running – something I LOVE – to feel like a job or a chore. I don’t want it to,  and don’t need it to bring more stress into my life! So I have decided to try to take it easy. I am not going to worry if a run wasn’t as fast as I wanted it. I am not going to beat myself up if my weekly mileage is short by a few. I want to go back to having fun with running. I do have to say though that my 4th of July run was great!! Last year I ran this in about 55 minutes, this year it was just over 40 minutes. Nice! So I do know that when I need to I can and will be able to run my best – by the way that was a 5 mile race. Here is the link. I did run to the race, so I had about a 3 mile warm up.

SF Marathon Training – Buffalo Chips 5 Miler by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

So what do you do when you’re stuck in a rut? Number 1: make sure you have a good support system. You NEED this! Family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, co-workers…Luckily the doctor I work for is awesome and has helped tremendously with my work stress. I am so grateful for that! I am also lucky to have a boyfriend that is a lot more level-headed than me. I tend to fly off the handle – not something I am proud of, I’ll admit – but he is always there to talk some sense into me. Even if I don’t want to hear it and I just want to be right 😉 Number 2: do something for yourself that makes you happy! Today I signed up to train with Kaia FIT Sunrise . It is an all women’s fitness gym movement…thats a better word! They have ass-kicking workouts and such amazing women coaching and working out. A true, supportive fitness family. I feel like I really need that right now. As much as I love to workout on my own, and make at home workouts sometimes you just need others. Right now is that time. It will also help hold me accountable. I have not been eating the greatest and drinking a little too much. I took some before pictures today (that I REALLY don’t want to post) but I will be posting them around the end of August. After my first month with Kaia. I want to see some major improvements.

I have also decided to change up my runs this weekend. As much as I love Sacramento, running here 6 days a week, pretty much the same area every time can get boring. I have been wanting to run along the coast for a while now and that is the plan! I am very excited for some beach time this weekend!

Thanks for reading my little rant! Sometimes I need to just let it out. I also want people to know everyone goes through a time when they don’t want to train or a hard time in life in general. It is going to be hard. Don’t give up. Remember why you do what you do. Whether it is for you or some one you care for. We all have a reason. I have mentioned this before, but when things get tough for me I try to remember my uncle. He was a quadriplegic for the last few years of his life. I have a quote of his tattooed on my arm, “I’ll be alright”. If he can be alright laying in a bed, unable to move 24 hours a day for years, I can suck it up; be more positive and continue to work hard for what I want. Thanks Uncle Mando and happy birthday.



7 thoughts on “San Francisco Marathon Training: Day 105 of 126

  1. Love the honesty in your post. I think we all go through that feeling at some point! Mind seems to be lasting a long time this year. I was thinking of doing a before and after pic – as I get ready for Hawaii. Just to see if I make any improvements. I’m super nervous to post those type of pictures though…

  2. I meant to comment on this earlier in the week, but totally – we all go through phases like this. Whatever you need to do to freshen things up and re-start your mojo, do it. For me, it’s simple things, simple changes, that often do the trick: a different route, a different time of day to run (not really very feasible with my schedule, but whatever), different people (or just people in general!), even going technology-less, or eeeeeeeeeeeven re-reading training logs or motivational stuff that makes you think about how far you’ve come in your training and what it is you ultimately want to accomplish, both this year and your lifetime goal. Wish we lived closer bc I’d totally run with ya!! 😛 anyway, hang in there. it’ll pass. See you at TSFM!

    • Thank you!! We went to Santa Cruz this weekend so I can have a change of scenery. It was perfect! I wish we were closer too! I need faster people to push me – luckily Chris is good at that 🙂 We should get together though and run! See you in SF!

      • ooo SC is a fabulous place to run. Glad you got away 🙂 and yes! we’ll have to figure out the logistics and make it work. 🙂

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