Benefits Of Massage

Recently I was contacted by Massage Envy . They offered me a massage after my last race, The San Francisco Marathon, in return for a review. Being a runner, and exercising as much as I do, I know there are so many benefits for me. There are many different types of massage as well, from Swedish to Sports or Deep Tissue.

A few benefits of massage:

Helps to recover from soft tissue injuries

Shorter recovery time

Improves flexibility and range of motion

Improves circulation

Lower blood pressure

Decreases stress

Helps with relaxation

We can all use these benefits in our lives!

Upon walking into Massage Envy I was greeted by a friendly receptionist. I was given a questionnaire that asked about my activity level, health, goals with my massage and so on. It was a very helpful way to communicate my needs to my massage therapist.

The overall vibe I got from Massage Envy was clean…sterile? Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I didn’t feel calm or relaxed. When I think of getting a massage I think of being in a relaxed, and a calming environment. I think of soft colors, soft music and dim lighting. Massage Envy kind of reminded me of a really nice veterinary hospital. That may sound weird, but I work in a veterinary hospital so that is why I am comparing it to that. I didn’t like that feeling…again, I want to be relaxed when getting a massage. I don’t want to be in a place that reminds me of work.

Onto the massage. I met my massage therapist and she was very nice. We again talked about what I was looking for and she started my massage.

Here is the brochure I got when leaving.


I liked that after my massage she talked to me about what she found during the session and marked the areas she recommend I get worked on. Which was a lot! I wasn’t surprised – I just started getting massages so I have a lot to work on.


 They also marked what was worked on during my session.


 I personally, have had an extremely hard time finding a massage therapist that I like. I have been looking since 2011 and gave up shortly after I started. No one seemed to be able to give me what I needed. However, I recently found an AMAZING massage therapist and did not purchase a package from Massage Envy.

 I think Massage Envy is a good place for someone to go if they are looking to start getting massaged. They make everything very easy for you. I did not feel pressured to purchase anything and the staff was very friendly and professional. What I liked the most is they take time to explain the benefits of massage to you and how it applies to what you are looking for/needing. Thank you Massage Envy for the experience!


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