Dinner From Around The Globe: Crete

I am not a good cook. I never got into it. I think I remember my mom trying to teach us as kids, and me just not wanting to. My reason for not wanting to cook as an adult is probably the reason most people have: I don’t have time. Well, like my training, I should make the time. So that is what I am doing

A few weeks ago I bought this:


I heard an interesting story on NPR. Basically about a girl and her dad that make dishes from all over the world. You can read their story here: NPR: International Night. I LOVE this idea! Spin the globe, pick a country at random and make a dish from that country for dinner. I want to cook more (and get better at it!) so I thought this would be a great way to do both.

Our first dinner was from Crete. We had Country SaladPork with leeks & plumsRoasted potatoes with garlic, lemon & oregano and for dessert Loukoumades.


We went to a local supermarket to shop for everything we needed. If you live in Sacramento/East Sac you need to check out Corti Brothers. This grocery store is super old school. I love it! Service is great, they have an amazing wine & beer selection, cheese, fish, meat…its all good!


I was in charge of the food prep, potatoes and dessert.


Proof that I can and do cook! And yes, I am totally wearing a cat friend shirt.


 He was in charge of the main dish.




Since this was our first “Global Dinner” – as we are now calling it – I wanted to have someone over to share it with. I invited my sister and her boyfriend over to share this first special meal.


Maybe next time I will dress up a bit more…it was a long day.


Everyone enjoyed the meal. The potatoes were my personal favorite. The pork and plums were a very nice combination, but since plums are just about out of season I think they weren’t as ripe as they could have been. That is something to keep in mind next time we decide on a dish, you must choose what is in season. Which may be a little hard since we are making dishes from all over the world, but I think that is part of the fun & adventure.


The dessert was loukoumades. Loukoumades are golden puffs of fried dough that are bathed in sweet syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon…well, they are supposed to be. I realized I only had wheat flour and didn’t have time to get regular flour. My golden puffs were more brown biscuits. Everyone was nice, and said they were good. Which they were, but they didn’t come out as planned. Trial and error. I am new to this!




Overall dinner was a success. I got to catch up with my sister, had a fun time cooking with my bf and we tried new food! The plan is to do our Global Dinners a few times a month. I’m excited to see where it will take us! Our next dinner will be in a week or so, and that will be from Morocco. Be sure to check back for that!




2 thoughts on “Dinner From Around The Globe: Crete

  1. Oh my gosh! This is such a small world. I know your sister’s BF, I went to elementary school with him! Love this concept and I too, should work on my ‘making time to cook’. Can’t wait to see what you cook next. xxoo, ganeeban

    • My cooking needs major work, but its getting there! So funny you know him…it is a small world! Once my cooking gets better I’d like to invite people over for our Global Dinner. You & J will have to join us!

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