SLO Marathon & OC Marathon Training: Day 1 of 126

It’s that time again! I am training for my next 2 marathons. You read that right, 2. I am running back to back marathons. SLO Marathon on April 26th and OC Marathon on May 3rd. Today started with a Kaia FIT workout – that was an arm KILLER, and tonight I ran 3 miles.

Short, easy run around Midtown. Wearing my Kaia gear (xmas gift from the boss 🙂 ).


And wearing my Feetures! Performance Socks. Sometimes I like to coordinate my socks with my shirt.


I am, once again, using Hansons Marathon Method for my training. I first used this plan to train for the San Francisco Marathon and the CIM this year. With my San Francisco training I have to say I was a little bit major slacker when it came to my speed work. Speed work is hard! However, while training for CIM I was doing all my training runs, killing it on my tempo & speed workouts but I had and IT band injury that kept me from training for almost a month. So I am hoping this time around I can complete the entire training plan with NO bumps in the road. Most of that will depend on me. I know I need to work hard, I know I need to properly recover and fuel my body right. I got this! (I say that as I am drinking a yummy sour from a friend).


I have to admit, I haven’t been very excited to start my marathon training this time around. I don’t know why, but it was making me sad. I love running. I am excited to be running SLO & OC as an ambassador. The only thing I can think of is I have had so much on my mind lately that maybe training is taking a back seat.

The good thing is, when I got out to run today I had a great run. I felt strong, I wanted to be out there and it got me excited to train. I am however, looking for running buddies! So if you’re in the Sacramento area let me know. I am always happy to run with other running peeps. Details of my run tonight:


So being a race ambassador has some pretty great perks. One of them is I have a discount code for you to use when you register! Use “GONZAMB” for $10 off the SLO full or half marathon. But do it before December 31st because there is going to be a price increase!


I mentioned I have had a lot on my mind. Which usually means stress. Well, I gave myself an early Xmas gift (or something like that) and left my stress behind. In my last post I talked about starting a new career for the new year. I actually started last week. Sometimes plans change. This change was good…actually it was f-ing GREAT!

I coached my first solo Kaia FIT class last week! This is such a huge deal to me. I mean seriously, I used to be lazy, overweight, unhappy…and now I have these ladies telling me I inspire them. It makes my heart happy to be a coach. AND I am putting together a training plan for our Kaia girls running the Shamrock’N Half Marathon . Can it get any better?


Oh, wait…kinda. I mean, I didn’t have to wear scrubs to work today 🙂

Can a be more of a dork? Don’t answer that…










4 thoughts on “SLO Marathon & OC Marathon Training: Day 1 of 126

    • Good luck to you to! I was happy to find out all 3 marathons I am running next year are BQs. BUT I really just want to qualify at CIM. It’s my favorite race!

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