SRA AmbasSRAdor

Yep, you read that right. I am a Sacramento Running Association (SRA) AmbasSRAdor – get it? 😉 This picture pretty much sums up how I feel about being chosen to represent the Sacramento running community.


The Sacramento Running Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was established in 1982 with the mission of bringing world class running events to the Sacramento area. The first state of this mission was fulfilled when the inaugural California International Marathon was held in December of 1983. (from their website).

As everyone knows by now (unless you just started following my blog) I F-ing LOVE running. I LOVE Sacramento. Put those together and you get the California International Marathon…at least I do. The CIM is the race that made me decide to become a runner, my first marathon and my favorite race of the year. FYI 2015 will by my 4th consecutive year running CIM, and I will qualify for Boston there this year.


 As you can see we got some sweet swag at the AmbasSRAdor meeting last night. I was really happy to get another CIM 30th year bag because mine is falling apart.



I am very honored to be have been chosen to represent SRA. Like I said, it really is a dream come true. When I started running I looked into the SRA; who they were, what they did and if I could get a job there. Unfortunately, the love of running  is not enough to meet their requirements to be hired on. So the next best thing is to be an AmbasSRAdor and when I saw they were putting together a program I was super excited to apply.

I am all over social media so be sure you will hear about all the great things SRA has going on. This Sunday is actually the first free run of the year from the “Come Run Series” These are runs put on once a month at different locations all over Sacramento. Here is the info:

January Come Run

January Free Come Run Series Sacramento Running Association

Date: January 25, 2015
Time: 9:30 am
Start/Finish Location: Whole Foods Market: 270 Palladio Parkway Folsom, CA
Distance: Every Come Run will have a standard route of 3-6 miles (in this case 3) Runners of all levels are welcome and are encouraged to run as much or as little as desired.
Do Good: Bring unwanted clothing to donate to ReUseIt and be entered into a drawing for an entry to the Super Sunday Run, or Credit Union SacTown10!

So now comes the best part! I have a discount code that will get you 5% off any SRA race this year! Use code SRA19 when registering for the following races:

Super Sunday Run


Gold Rush 50k


Credit Union SACTOWN10


California International Marathon


Actually, the best thing about this opportunity is that I get to share my love of running with more people. It’s been my goal since I started running back in December 2011. I remember reading blogs, looking up local races, seeing people running around the city and wanting to be a part of that community. Now I am! I hope this year I encourage more people to get out and run. I want to encourage you to be a part of your community and see how you can make a difference!

I look forward to this year with all of the other amazing AmbasSRAdors for the SRA!





SLO Marathon Training Officially Starts!

Okay, so I know I was using Hansons Marathon Method to train for SLO, however, since I am an Ambassador for this race I was offered the opportunity to get a personalized marathon training plan from McMillan Running!! I jumped on it and just last night got my personalized plan. Seriously, how awesome is this?! I answered a few list of questions about my running, lifestyle, other workouts, travel…and they fit it into a plan for me.

SLO Marathon/McMillan Training 40 Minutes

Today was Day 1. It was a recovery day or an easy 30-45 minute run. I ran for 40 minutes, just over 4 miles. What I find really interesting about this plan is that a lot of the runs are time based. And since it is personalized the time I am running is about equal to the miles I would have run. There are hill repeats involved in my training (tomorrow) and RUNRR days (Runner’s Ultimate Nutritional Recovery Routine). I love this aspect of the training plan because I know nutrition is the hardest thing for me to focus on. I also have progression runs, tempo runs…lots of new stuff that I am really excited about!

I had a really nice run around the Capitol this morning after my Kaia FIT workout.


On the way home I ran into my favorite Midtown Cat Friend. Don’t know his name but he is so loving!!



 This week is going to be an exciting one for me. New training plan and I am meeting with fellow Sacramento runners for something REALLY exciting! I’m not gonna let the cat out of the bag yet (but if you follow any of my other social media sites, you will already know). Remember to keep an eye out at the end of the week for a blog post about a new Ambassadorship I have!

Nice easy pace today.


 During my run today I realized that tomorrow, January 20th, was the day I knew the path I was on was going to change. 1 year ago (tomorrow) was the day I passed my NASM personal trainer certification. So much has changed since then, and all for the better. First and most importantly, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I left my job in the veterinary field and am now focusing on my new career(s). Being a consultant for a health/wellness company, coaching, and learning new skills with my job that pays the bills all sounds like a lot, but, as a friend recently told me, “When you are doing what you love you will never work another day in your life.”

We Are A Community

A very tragic thing happened this week. Firefighter and paramedic, Eric Williams, was stuck by a bicyclist while running along the American River trail. I heard about it from another coach at Kaia on Tuesday. When I read about what happened it broke my heart, and I started crying. I am holding back tears as I type this now.

I don’t know this person, and I don’t know his family but like I have always said, the running community is strong here in Sacramento. It is a large community, but small at the same time. We all know someone who knows someone. If something happens to a fellow runner it is hard not to feel effected by it. I myself have been brushed by a cyclist as they pass, and even yelled at. Even though I stay on the correct side of the trail, I run on the dirt when a bike is coming and I don’t wear headphones when I am running so I am able to be more alert. On that same note, I have seen runners on the wrong side of the trail. I have seen them running 3 side-by-side as bikes pass and I have heard them yell at the cyclists too.

We all blame each other. The cyclists are too fast, they are assholes, they act like they own the roads….Runners are inconsiderate, they have headphones in and can’t hear you coming, the take up the trails….Instead of playing the blame game we need to take responsibility. We need to be respectful of one another. After all we are all out there to enjoy the trails, just one of the amazing offerings of Sacramento. Instead of being hateful and hurtful of one another, think about the fact that you probably have a lot in common with the people out there running and biking.

Say hi to one another as you pass by. Tell someone good morning, or afternoon. Wave to each other. What happened to Eric is a terrible thing. Maybe it could have been avoided, maybe not. Whatever the case, let me ask a favor of you: Please be mindful and respectful of one another, and be aware of your surroundings. My heart and all the positive thoughts in the world are going out to this family right now.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day friends.