Nutrition & Running – Still Figuring It Out

Nutrition. There is SO much information out there. Good, bad and scary. I’ve added a goal to my list this year. I really want to focus on nutrition. I’ve done an okay job in the past, but I can definitely make improvements. I look at my body now and see the accomplishments I’ve made –> 3:50 marathon, 1:43 half marathon, 3rd in AG for a 5k, 6:40 mile…then I think, “imagine how much more I can accomplish if I get my nutrition dialed in.” My goal is to gain muscle and become more efficient at using fat for energy. Maybe I am waaay behind on this but I have gone to a few nutrition seminars recently, and it seems like everyone is talking about using fat as fuel. Now, I am not going to get too into this because I am still learning about it myself. But the basic idea is to train your body to be more efficient at burning fat, not carbs. The energy yield from a gram of fat is approximately 9 kcal compared to 4 kcal for carbohydrates.

Benefits of using fats for energy:

  • Fat loss (which, depending on your goals may or may not be a benefit for you)
  • No “bonking” or “hitting the wall” because of low blood sugar
  • Improved performance
  • Faster recovery
  • No GI issues (aka runner poops)

These are just some of the benefits of using fat for fuel. AND it depends on you. Everyone is different. Personally, I think I will and already have benefited from changing up my diet/fuel routine for my training. I think it has been about 3 weeks since I started using Vespa. Vespa is a pretty amazing product that I was introduced to by the great peeps working at Fleet Feet Sac. Instead of even trying to explain what it does I recommend clicking this link and reading about their product:

When I was introduced to this product I was hoping to cut out GU all together, and just use this. I really am sick of the taste, consistency and the ingredients in GU Gels. I was told that was unrealistic. I was then told I should try Hammer Endurolytes with Vespa, and I will likely cut down on my GU intake.


So I also got these. Why has it taken me over 3 years to realize I need an electrolyte supplement and maybe I’ll not feel so crappy after my runs?


I mean, not all my runs were crappy, but since incorporating these electrolyte capsules with Vespa I have to say I have never felt better during my runs. My recovery has been going well also. My legs aren’t as tired or heavy the day after a hard run; I feel refreshed. I also stopped using GU and switched to Cliff Bloks. The ingredients are better and its kinda like eating candy. I’ll take it for now.

Depending on what kind of training I am doing (Kaia FIT, long run, hill repeats…) will determine what I take pre training. The Hammer Endurolytes and Vespa I will take before long runs or if I am going to Kaia FIT and running after. Anything that is going to be for a prolonged period of time. If it is a short run or early in the AM – like 4am when I wake up to go to my 5am Kaia classes I’ll drink an Arbonne Fizz Stick. I also drink them during the day for a pick me up.


Gotta say, I f-ing LOVE these things! Probably my favorite Arbonne product. These are great because they have less than 1 gram of sugar, contain B vitamins, electrolytes, guarana, taurine…some of the benefits you can see listed below. I also drink one of these right before a race. Now I’m not saying they help me PR…but I drank one before the Labor Day 5k that I placed 3rd in my age group, I had one before the Urban Cow half where I had a PR of 1:43 – a 7 minute PR from my last half marathon, and I had one before CIM 2014 where I had a marathon PR of 3:53 – which was a 3 minute PR from my last marathon.


For recovery I try to always make sure to have a protein shake. I use Arbonne’s protein as well.


After trying everything from Target protein (so embarrassed to admit that, but it is true!) to Vega I finally found a protein I love. Taste & ingredients! Arbonne’s protein is highly absorbable, easily digested & it has a 100% amino acid score. Which is great for muscle recovery.


  So as I mentioned my training has been going great. I feel super strong on my runs and at the gym. This is a new process for me and my plan is to never stop learning. There will always be something new. Here is my training run from today:

SLO/McMillan Training 60 minute Medium Long Run by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the changes. I am about 1 month into my SLO Marathon & OC Marathon training with my personalized McMillan training plan. I think that has helped with my overall fitness as well. I am slowly learning the balance I need to train successfully. Slowly but surely 😉

Who Has Helped You In Your Journey – Share The Love!

Hi friends! I hope every one has had a great 2015 so far…is it just me or is it craziness that we are already half way into February? Man, time flies! I have been busy, busy lately but LOVING life! December last year (December 16th to be exact) I decided I was going to stop working just to get by and pursue my love of health/wellness/fitness. I decided 2015 was going to be my best year yet. There are so many opportunities that I have taken advantage of that are allowing me to continue on this amazing path of doing what I love as a career. And there are so many more that are coming my way! There are a lot of people to thank for all the blessings in my life right now, but sometimes I think I forget I need to give myself credit too. It has taken a lot of hard work, trial and error and frustration to be where I am but it has all been worth it – and I am just getting started. I have BIG things planned for the future so I am sure I will be going through all of those things again and again but that is all a part of the process, right?

How often do you take time out of your day to appreciate yourself, and give yourself credit for all your accomplishments? How often do you reach out and let people know that you appreciate them, and tell people thank you for the things they have done for you? One of my goals this year, and forever, is to do both of those things. I make sure to let everyone know how much they mean to me and thank them for helping me a long the way. Maybe it is little things, like when my bf feeds the kids (cats) in the morning when I am at Kaia, running or at work. Or bigger things, like my long time friends taking a chance on me and offering me a great position at a great company.

I think it is my positivity, dedication and passion for helping people that has helped me reach many of my goals. As a runner, I have been very lucky to be an ambassador for many races and running/fitness brands. Part of being an ambassador is giving back to the running community. So now we get to what this post is all about: Tell me who has helped you in your fitness journey. I want to know what your goals were, or are, who has helped you along the way. What have they done? How did they get involved? I will be picking 2 people at random and sending them a pair of Feetures! socks for them and their friend. As an Ambassador for Feetures! it is a small way I can give back to the running community.

Leave a comment and tell me your story!



Super Sunday Run

This past Sunday was my first race of 2015. I ran the Super Sunday Run. I don’t give a damn about football, but this is always a fun race. It is put on by the SRA and it was my first race ever back in 2012. This year I decided to run the 5k. I had 10 miles to do that day & it is 3.5 miles to Sac State from my house so I ran there, ran the race & ran home. Boom – 10 mile training run done!

Running the streets of East Sac to the start of the race. I love running through my neighborhood!




It was a little unfortunate that the course was actually 2.9 miles instead of 3.1. I finished in 21:08…my 5k PR is 23:35. When I came running around to the finish I knew it was too short. I was thinking no way did I just run 1.1 miles. But that’s okay. It was still a great race.


All of us SRA AmbasSRAdors got together before the start for some photos. I’ve had a few people ask what we do as an AmbasSRAdor for the Sacramento Running Association. In a nut shell, spread the love of running throughout our awesome Sacramento running community! Check us out!


Another thing I was really excited about was cheering on the Kaia FIT ladies I am coaching for the Shamrock’N Half Marathon . They did amazing at this run. I am so proud!!


Mile 5.5 and they don’t even look
fazed! 😉



 Go Tara and Derek!! It is so great knowing so many people in the running community. One of the things I am really excited for being an SRA AmbasSRAdor is meeting more of the Sacramento running community.


One of my favorite parts of this race is running down the Sac State football field to the finish! I believe they just started doing that last year.


Check out my bad ass finish photo. Hell yes. Run like a Kaia Girl!!


Not only was this my first race of the year, this was my first race as an SRA AmbasSRAdor. I still can’t believe I was chosen to represent them and I have to said over and over, thank you so much! I am looking forward to this year of races!

Oh…here is a sneak peak at my new Altra shoesies! This week has been crazy busy so I have had these shoes since Monday and haven’t even run in them yet. What??! I’ll be putting them to work tomorrow, don’t worry 😉