Make The Time

 I am going to start this off by saying I have been pondering a post like this for quite a while. I have finally been able to put into words the thoughts that have been in my head thanks to some awesome peeps I am lucky to have in my life. We are all busy. We all have a million things going on, and it seems to never end. Well, that is problem 1 right there. Our lives our too busy and we don’t give ourselves “me” time. And we wonder why we’re stressed as F***. I love how people think multitasking is a great qualify to have. I can say with 100% certainty when you have to constantly multitask, especially in a fast paced environment things get missed, your quality of work suffers, and most importantly the stress of your busy life really takes a toll on your health. Which is why we  MUST make our health, our bodies, our well-being priority numero uno.

Oh, you say you don’t have the time??

I’ve heard this more times than, honestly, I give a shit to hear. Even when I had a job that I had to commute to (by commute I mean 20 min there and back…which adds up in a day) I would often be there 10+ hours a day and I rarely took breaks, I was still training for races and going to Kaia. Then I added on a part time job as a health & wellness consultant. Still training. Then I added on another part time job as a coach at Kaia FIT. Still had time to train. How? Getting up at 4am. Running when I could fit it in. Going to bed early on Friday nights & weekends and getting up early to train….

I now work from home, so I admit it is easier for me. But I am still coaching, working as a consultant, doing personal training, going to Kaia & lifting classes, running 50+/- miles a week, I am an ambassador for ZOOMA Napa Valley , SLO Marathon , OC Marathon , Feetures! Socks , and Sacramento Running Association . All of those things take up my time but I do them all and LOVE every second of it!

I am often up and out training before the sun is up.

Hill repeats on Friday SLO/McMillan Training – Hill Repeats by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

This morning I ran, went to Power Hour at Kaia, had a coaches training session on lifting then met up with a friend for lunch. And I still have more to do. It really is all about prioritizing your time.

I am loving learning new skills! I have recently taken on lifting to assist in my running and to become stronger overall.


Tips to prepare for a busy day:

1. Prepare your food for the day before.

2. Have what you are going to wear ready to go.

3. Set your alarm 10-15 minutes before you need to get up, because let’s be honest, everyone hits snooze at least once.

4. Look up the shortest route to get to where you are going. You may always go a certain way and think that is good, but you may be surprised to find a shorter route. This happened to me recently.

5. Get a friend to help hold you accountable. Meet up to workout together.

6. Post it on social media. We all know I am a little obsessed with social media sites, but putting your intentions out there make it harder for you to skip out on training.

I have my food ready, clothes out and shoes right by the door so I don’t have to go searching.

Finally there is the cost. I train A LOT. I am buying new running shoes every 4 months or so. I workout at 2 different gyms, and I would like to get back into yoga. All of that really adds up. Well, you can’t use that as an excuse either. Sacramento, in case you didn’t know we just got ClassPass. $79 for unlimited classes at multiple places. Everything from yoga, cycling, boot camp and ball room dancing is available for only $79/month. That is awesome!

And don’t forget Sacramento (and cities all over the country – NP) have many free fitness group/classes. The SRA has free weekly community runs, so does Sloppy Moose RC, Running Babes of Sacramento , Cap Tappers …I’m sure there are many more out there. Solfire Yoga offers $5 Fridays and a free Sunday class. BodyTribe Fitness has workshops & classes that are very affordable. Some classes are even offered on a sliding scale. 9run6 offers free trainings on Wednesday and Friday. See, there really is no excuse. Hell, ask your boss to look into a cooperate wellness plan. And if they don’t want to contribute to your health maybe you should look for another place to work…just kidding. Kinda 😉

My point? Yeah, I know it isn’t easy. And for those of you that have kids & are still making the time to train I have so much respect for you! Training should be apart of your life, and when I say training I don’t mean you have to be training for an event (but that is a great goal). I mean train for life. Get up and move. Be active. It’s what we were meant to do.

Shamrock’N 2015 – My Sister’s First Half Marathon

This past Sunday was my sister’s first half marathon! It was the Shamrock’N Half Marathon. Which just happens to have been my first half marathon 3 years ago. This race is really special to me and I was so excited when my little sister told me she was going to be running it.

My plan was not to race, but to be out there cheering on the runners. I coached a group of Kaia FIT Sunrise  girls to run this race. My first group of runners that I have coached for a race! It was such a great experience and I was so proud of everyone! And they all kicked ass! Oh, and Kaia FIT was the BIGGEST group representing at this race!

More friends of mine. More kick ass runners! This race was also my friend Tara’s first half marathon. You can’t read her bib but it said “Newbie” 🙂

Shamrock’N Half Marathon 2015 by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

I don’t know why I haven’t run this race since 2012. It is a great course, very well organized and a lot of fun. The weather was very nice that day and for once it was great not to worry about my pace, and pace someone else. My sister had a goal of a 12 minute mile. I knew should could run faster than that and told her so, but she said she just wanted to finish and didn’t want to run fast. I respected that and no matter what her pace was I was going to stick with her for the entire race.

At the first mile we were running about a 9:30min/mi. I asked her if she wanted to slow down and she said no. She was doing great throughout the race. We both aren’t big talkers so I didn’t say much during this time. At mile 7 she started to slow down and we were at a 10-10:40min/mi. She started to get hungry and didn’t bring anything for fuel. I felt pretty good so I gave her my Clif Shot Bloks.

As we made our way through Discovery Park then through Old Sac I knew she was going to think what I thought the first time I ran this race, “we’re almost there”. Nope. Still have to run down the river a bit, back up the river and through more of the city. She saw mile 10 and wasn’t too happy. I knew she was struggling so I kept telling her how good she was doing. Which she was, she was on track to run a 2:10 on her first half marathon!

After mile 11 she started to pick it up. I could say it is from the rush of adrenaline you get at the end of a race, but I think she just wanted to be done. We started running down Capitol Mall, which is probably 1/2 mile from the finish. I asked if she wanted to sprint down the chute. Her answer, “you can”. But when we got on the field she definitely picked up the pace. I think she was feeling the adrenaline at that point 🙂

Kate officially finished her first half marathon in 2:13:24. Which is about 7 minutes faster than my first half. I am so proud of her!

Congratulations on your first half marathon Katie!! I am glad I got to run it with you and I am secretly hoping (although it’s not a secret now) that you will someday want to run the California International Marathon with me. I mean, there is plenty of time to start training for that.

Donut Dash & Sac Beer Week 5k

This is how my morning started. Donut pants and a tutu. I ran today in a tutu, something I swore I’d never do!

But it was my friend Stephanie’s birthday, it was a donut run, we were wearing donut pants so why not add a tutu to the mix?

The Donut Dash was a really fun race. I haven’t done a “fun run” since I started running in 2012. It is nice to get silly and just have a good time during a race. The idea is to run to Marie’s Donuts, eat 4 donuts or 6 donut holes then run back. I picked 6 donut holes because they were 4 regular size donuts. That’s crazy!!

Our crew before/after the race.

Since no one was actually racing this race we took our time, joked around and drank mimosas. Hell yeah.

These people were awesome. Super friendly. On the way back they ran out of orange juice and they were only pouring champagne. Which was fine with us.

Made it to Marie’s Donuts!

Steph and Juan racing each other down the chute. How cute are they?

 But for real. How awesome are my pants?

So what made this day even better than running the Donut Dash with friends? Running the Sac Beer Week 5k with friends! This was a total last-minute decision based on a change in my schedule today. Switched it up to my more serious racing gear.

Getting ready for the Beer 5k!

This race was a ton of fun. Lots of people from the Sloppy Moose RC were here and some fellow Sacramento Running Association AmbasSRAdors were here as well. This was a smaller race, about 200 people. I figured it would be a race I could PR in and place in my age group. I was being pretty joke-y about it but I did want to win. I can’t help it, I am too competitive. No PR, but I placed 1st in my age group!  This race started at noon and I am NOT used to racing in the afternoon heat. I am surprised I came in first, I was really struggling.

Course for the race today:

Beer Week 5k by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Crossing the finish.

Fellow AmbasSRAdor Andrea placed 2nd and my friend Mitch placed in his age group as well. If I could have hung with him I think I would have been the first female to finish. Oh, and the medals – homemade bottle opener with the Sloppy Moose logo. F-ing perfect prize for a beer run!

My friend Juan Carlos & I. He seriously kept me going today. I don’t know what I would have done without him and his constant talking. Thanks friend!! (That is his after run face).

And of course, thanks to the best bf ever. He wakes up early, cheers me on, takes pictures and drives me around town so I can run 2 fun runs in 1 day. Today was a great day.

Back To Back Marathon Training – So Far So Good 

Months ago I was chosen to represent the SLO Marathon and the OC Marathon. I planned on running both marathons (they have 1/2 marathon and 5k options as well). When I decided to run both of these races I did not realize they were a week apart. My bad…I applied to be an Ambassador for both and didn’t see the dates! Well, after I was chosen as an Ambassador for BOTH races I thought why not challenge myself and run both marathons. Yep. Back to back. 7 days apart.

I’ve been told I am crazy & asked if I am nervous. If running marathons a week apart for a challenge and for fun is crazy, then I guess I am. Am I nervous? Nope. I am excited as hell. But ask me that at mile 22 during both of these races…I may have a different response.

Today was a great training day. First a TRX coach’s workout. Then I went to Fair Oaks to run some hills. Sacramento is pretty flat, so if I need to really do hills I head over to Fair Oaks. That little town is perfect for it.

Altra One for TRX. Altra One2 for my training run.

I have a few reasons why I am not scared to run back to back marathons:

1. I believe in myself (most important)

2. I have a personalized training plan from McMillan Running

3. I am very focused on my nutrition (as you can see in my last post)

4. I got an HR monitor!!

I am really excited about my HR monitor. I never gave my heart rate much thought as to how it can help with my training. This is VERY new to me and I am researching a lot. We’ve all heard the 220-your age = your maximum HR. But that’s not always accurate. I have a lot of learning to do on this subject.

My run this morning was COLD, but very refreshing. Running up hill is getting easer! Or it could have been my Fizz Stick…

Here is today’s training run:

SLO/McMillan Training – Hill Repeats x 6 by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Roosters in Fair Oaks. So cute, but if I lived here and had to hear them every morning…wait. I’m usually up by 5am and I have the damn train going through Midtown at 2am & have learned to sleep through that. Okay roosters, maybe you’re not so bad.

I am headed into my 7th week of training. My marathons are less than 2 months away and I am feeling pretty good. My training plan really has me stepping it up these next few weeks. There are some new runs I haven’t done before that I am looking forward to (Yasso 800 & different types of speed work). 

Tomorrow will be my 2nd “race” of the year. Why quotations? Because of this: 

Yeah, it’s a fun run. When my friend Stephanie  said she wanted to run the Donut Dash for her birthday I said I’m down. Anyone that knows me knows 1. I don’t wear pink 2. I don’t participate in fun runs 3 . I DO NOT wear tutus. Well I’m doin’ it!! And I’m looking forward to it! It’s good to break away from my serious training once in a while.